We are living now in a world that operates everything so digitally, and if you are an online retailer, then your B2B e-commerce is screaming to get your attention.

Trends are changing with a rapid pace and businesses must keep the record of all the patterns to deploy an improved customer experience.

Many trends come and go, but what is expected to remain constant for at least a decade is the use of smartphones.

This blog addresses the ways to leverage mobile technology to better manage your B2B e-commerce store also, it includes best practices to manage your online store on the mobile.

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Ways to Manage Your Online Store on Mobile

  • Use Mobile-Ready Platform

The first and obvious step is to choose a mobile-ready platform that can manage your e-commerce store on the mobile.

Shopify is a great tool that provides out of the box management for your online store. Moreover, Shopify app supports retailer to maintain product inventory, order fulfillment, monitors traffic and sale figures with a single mobile device.

Not only that, but the Shopify app is also responsible to alert users through push notifications when new orders are made. Also, it enables online retailers to utilize customer data on the go with easily-accessible order histories and detailed profiles.

  • Make Your Mobile App User-Friendly

User-friendly e-commerce app offers a faster and a convenient way for shopping. E-commerce apps convert more leads than web apps.

Also, a user-friendly e-commerce app helps retailers to track customer orders, sales, and mobile app payments.

Creating an e-commerce app is not complicated all you need to do is get the access to services like Shopgate and Appypie, purchase SDK features and use sample code to convert your mobile store into an app.

  • Deploy a Live Mobile Chat

Live mobile chat offers smooth customer experience and quickly responds to shoppers’ query that ultimately maximizes the customer satisfaction level.

The quicker you will respond to your shoppers, the more satisfied they will be. Live mobile chat is a great way to keep in touch with the shoppers when they are needed.

It doesn’t mean that you will be able to respond 24/7 however, you can possibly response as much queries as you can. In addition, support chat encourages human-to-human interaction that builds your customers trust on you.

  • Incorporate Canned Responses

Canned responses are the best way to reply to the shoppers on the go. It means that if you are not available 24/7 still you can utilize canned phrases for the most frequently asked questions in a couple of taps.

  • Seek Assistance from Outsourcing

Operating an online e-commerce store is not as easy as you take it. The process involves a list of to do’s. It’s almost impossible to manage everything yourself. However, if you manage everything on your own still at some point, you fail to deliver 100% user satisfaction. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on customer satisfaction first rather managing everything.

A lot of big e-commerce store like Alibaba.com, Amazon and more embrace outsourcing services. You can also seek some help from different outsourcing services.

For example, you may outsource shipping fulfillment services to ship and deliver orders fast to the shoppers. It will not only reduce your workload but will also maximize your users’ satisfaction.

Moreover, shipping fulfillment services not only responsible for orders shipping. It also packs, delivers and restocks items when required.

Besides order fulfillment services, there are many other outsourcing services available, including social media management, live support chat, and common administrative tasks.

More Tips to Enhance Your Online E-commerce Store

  • Design ASO Strategy

ASO refers to app store optimization. It will boost the app store rankings for your online store app through which you can grow your app downloads fast.

Designing your ASO strategy is important because there are countless applications available on the Play Store and in order to make your online store app accessible for the shoppers it is vital to rank it.

ASO also tracks your app’s performance and results on the Play Store or App Store through which you can measure your app’s success on the go.

  • Plan to Incorporate Valuable Features

With time your e-commerce mobile app needs to be updated. Businesses are required to constantly research the latest market trends to better serve shoppers.

Create a detailed plan regarding new features that you need to incorporate into your app in future. You can add flexible payment gateways and push notifications.

Payment gateways help the shoppers to easily pay for their desired products. Payment gateway empowers credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses. Whereas push notification enables the process of delivering necessary alerts to your app users.

Apart from the mentioned features, online retailers must include analytics. Analytics help you comprehend the buying behavior and purchase pattern of the shoppers that ultimately help you to generate greater revenue streams.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites are excellent platforms that deliver result-oriented marketing. If you have extended your e-commerce business, then it’s time to utilize the available social platforms to market your e-commerce application to the world.

Social platforms can work as your additional sales channel. It will promote your app to maximum customers that will ultimately increase your customer reach and hence speed up the sale process.


E-commerce stores are currently accepted by a wider audience and people love to shop online. Since users continuously looking for convenience and if you successfully deliver the required convenience and flexibility to the shoppers then you can increase your sales and revenue.

An online e-commerce app is the best way to offer the utmost convenience to shoppers. Therefore, if you still haven’t plan to create your e-commerce online store then you must do it by now.

We hope that the ideas and tricks mentioned above will help you deliver the maximum value to your customers and soon you will experience an upsurge in your sales through the e-commerce mobile app.