Amazon’s 2016 retail products net sales $22,993 (via 3rd party sellers) is up by 42.94% in 2017. As a matter of fact, 3rd party vendors contribute towards 40% of Amazon’s sales volume.

As an online retailer if you wish to be a part of Amazon selling experience, the first thing you need to worry is about Amazon inventory management. You would already have an inventory management system in place but will it fit the bill for Amazon? Doubtful? Read on…

Choosing an Amazon inventory management software is a tricky part as it should be appropriate enough to fulfill the high inventory and order fulfillment standards set by Amazon.Before diving into suggestions for best Amazon inventory management systems, a quick checklist of factors to consider before choosing one could be of great help.

Amazon Inventory Management Software Checklist:

Being comprehensive – All-round management capabilities that lets you handle others like warehouse, invoicing, and other daily activities.
Integration with ERP – Your inventory, in sync with ERP & Accounting systems, will be of help in avoiding duplication (repetition) of tasks
Stock level automation – Sync with stock levels on Amazon will inform on low inventory levels and enables proactive replenishments
Multi-channel support – Being supportive towards other sales channels like eCommerce store, mobile commerce app, B2B store, retail store POS could reduce time and effort.
These factors would surely help in zeroing in on your Amazon inventory management system. Now, we’ll move on with the top 5 best inventory management tools that integrate well with Amazon.


Contalog is an Amazon inventory management solution exclusively built for handling stocks and every other operational level tasks like order processing, invoicing, purchase order placement and warehouse management.

This cloud based backend software has its interface almost similar to that of Amazon Seller Central interface which makes it more convenient for users to handle product information updates and more.
Inventory sync, Amazon specific pricing, measurable insights handling shipments via both AFN and MFN can be done through Contalog. It also allows to handle inventory and Amazon order processing duties and the same on other sales channels like mobile app, eCommerce store, B2B store etc.


FBA Inventory Optimization, Profitability Analytics, and Sponsored Products Ad Management are the main areas which Teikametrics allows you to handle.

The front end of this software includes provisions for simplifying repricing, sponsored products ad management, review generation and review management. The backend, on the other hand, gets a Amazon stock control system, purchase order and shipment management provisions, systems for analyzing profitability and aged inventory.

Teikametrics provides setup and support services based creating a strategy by analyzing the type of products you sell.


Monsoon inventory management for Amazon sellers, is built to take care of stock handling duties in 3rd party marketplace websites like Amazon, eBay etc Rakuten, Alibris etc., Monsoon provides FBA specific pricing strategies which helps in providing an upper hand for winning the Buy box.

The FBA inventory can be kept in sync with Monsoon and other marketing channels in which you are selling goods through to avoid scenarios like overselling. All the shipment data are sent to Amazon in real-time.

Additionally, Monsoon provides Amazon order management system which helps in knowing the orders won through Amazon.


Appath is a fully loaded system which can prove good as an Amazon marketplace inventory management software for your business. Adding to this, Appath provides loads of other integrations for various purposes like selling on other sales channels, shipment handling accounting and more.

Inventory quantities on Amazon and other 3rd party selling marketplaces like eBay, Shopify, Newegg, Bigcommerce and more.

Appath is a complete cloud-based solution that brings to the table benefits of heightened security, multichannel inventory management, real-time updates and high scalability.


Sellbrite is a fully loaded Amazon warehouse management software that syncs well with not only Amazon but also Ebay, Etsy, Rakuten, Walmart, Newegg and more. Being a cloud-based Amazon warehouse management system, Sellbrite runs 24 / 7 and you never experience downtime with it.

Rules can be set for each sales channels exclusively and can be automated in order to maintain it the same way to get a channel-specific advantage.

History of all transactions and orders fulfilled across Amazon and several other sales channels will be available on Sellbrite repository. Being on cloud, Sellbrite has no limits for data management.

These Amazon seller inventory management software / tools are by far the best in the market and have been tried and tested by retailers of all sizes in managing their stocks on Amazon marketplace and other sales channels as well. Give it a try and hope you’ll find the one appropriate for your business.