Starting an ecommerce shop has become a goal that is achievable for millions of people around the globe, especially nowadays as numerous platforms for easy online store creation have become widely popular. However, even though setting up an online store is easy, there are many other steps that you have to take in order to attract a lot of customers and drive your profits upwards.

The main tweaks that should be made are related to marketing strategy. Not many people are aware, but it all comes down to the little things at the end of the day. These are some of the best marketing techniques you should include in your store’s marketing strategy.

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Upselling products

This is where the majority of online shops fail incredibly. Once the visitor is on your website, you should show a variety of other options that they have at their disposal. Make sure to include a call to action button that is going to present the customer with a higher quality option, or a product they might use with the one they are currently looking at. Upselling is incredibly important as it can drive profits much higher, creating amazing sales results.

It is important that the product you are selling is closely related to the one the visitor is looking at and that it is in the similar price range. Make sure to stress what is better about the product you are upselling; it will drive more sales on your online store.

Implementation of Instagram

This social media network is very engaging. The key is to include a variety of different hashtags to ensure that many people are going to see your products over there. Additionally, watch the potential mentions that you might get from your customers, and make sure to reply with a positive attitude and add the image on your website. The new coming customers are going to build up trust immediately, as your store will be rich with positive testimonials.

Having user-generated content on your website is a great way of being social-proof. As the visitors are going to see that other people have already bought and are satisfied, chances that they are going to make a purchase are going to be much higher.

Launching a Facebook store

Facebook is another big platform that now counts over one billion users. This is the main reason why it should be included in the marketing strategy of your online store. Not only is Facebook a perfect place to acquire new customers, it is also possible to make a Facebook store which would make people directly make orders from the social media networks. Making it easier for people is very important, and as they feel relaxed while they are spending time on their social media profiles, it is more likely that they are going to make a purchase.

Build up that email list

When it comes to online marketing, email marketing is one of the best ways to achieving higher conversions. The underlying reason is the interest that has already been shown by the customer is indicative of the fact that they are looking to buy from you, but are still thinking about it. This is where only a couple of emails containing valuable information will make them purchase from you.

To increase the mailing list, make sure that you have a prominent button which stands out while people are in your online store. Additionally, mention that those who are in the mailing list will receive better offers, it will make them join it.

Create effective email campaigns

Once you have built-up a mailing list, it is time to give your best to make as many conversions as possible. Creating a unique email campaign is the perfect way to achieve this. Here an example of what you email campaign should look like.

  • Welcome email – This is the first contact that you are establishing with someone who wanted to share their personal information with you. Write a warm welcoming email and tell your story a couple of sentences, let the customer know that his private information is safe with you and that you are not going to spam. It will leave a positive impression.
  • Order email – Once the user makes an order, let them know that it is all confirmed and send an additional confirmation mail that the order was set. If you can, include a tracking code of the order, it will give more control to your customer if he can follow the order.
  • Newsletter – Once in awhile, send an email that will help the customer see what new things they can expect from you, where the company is headed and thank them for staying loyal to you. It will create a closer relationship with them, keep in mind that you are in their private space already.
  • Special offer email – Whenever you have some sort of discount, make sure to share it with your mailing list. Those people want to know these things and will appreciate it.

These mailing strategies are very important if you are looking to increase conversions. Make sure to establish a good email campaign, it pays off incredibly in the long run. Don’t spam your subscribers, they will unsubscribe from the list.

These are the five best actionable marketing techniques that you should use if you want to drive sales up. Plan every step of the way and stay creative, it will allow you to approach customers in a unique way and ensure a higher number of sales.