mobile marketing christmas 2016

It’s almost the holiday season, and retailers are getting ready to display, promote and sell products via mobile more than ever. Indeed early in October Google published encouraging data that proves once more that mobile influences in-store and online shopping behaviours. So with December just around the corner, it’s time to get ready to optimise your store for the upcoming holidays. Here are my top 4 recommendations:

1) Get new customers:

Mobile allows customers to discover new products, and switch brands. Don’t miss the opportunity to get considered by a new audience. Indeed, 76% of mobile changers have changed their mind about which brand to buy from.

2) Be visible:

Prioritise local SEO as shoppers tend to search for nearby products or ideas on their smartphones before heading to the store. 28% of ‘nearby’ mobile searches end up in a purchase in-store, with the visit most likely to happen within the same day of the search.

3) Cash in on mobile videos:

Youtube videos (product reviews and tutorials) influences shoppers when making a purchase decision in-store or online. 25% of US mobile video users have looked up Youtube videos while in-store or visiting a brand’s website to make a purchase decision.

4) Emphasise your uniqueness:

The holidays are a great time to show what makes your product or brand special, as mobile users tend to look for the best, most unique or rare gifts. For example, ‘unique gifts’ mobile searches have grown by 65% year over year.

With less than a couple months left to prepare, it’s not too late to optimise your website for mobile. Remember to focus on local SEO and implement mobile marketing campaigns to push your brand towards your customers for the holidays, as they are most likely to look online for help or inspiration. This might happen ‘on the go’ (what Google calls Micro Moments) but will definitely have an impact on the end purchase.

Originally posted on the Jennifer Hakim Communications blog.