Image by kpgolfpro at Pixabay
Image by kpgolfpro at Pixabay

Selling online is never easy. As a digital marketer, you must face several challenges to unlock the profitability of your e-commerce site – from reaching more people to optimizing your landing pages for conversions. With the high failure rate of e-commerce startups, it is clear that overcoming these challenges is easier said than done.

Fortunately, you do not have to do all the dirty work manually. Below are four of the best e-commerce tools you need to consider:

1. Usabilla

The key to closing more sales in e-commerce is to provide a memorable and excellent user experience. However, a lot of online brands’ “to improve” checklists are full of guesswork that wastes time and money. Granted, there are a variety of analytics tools that can help you monitor the performance of your site so you can make adjustments along the way. However, if there’s one source that can pinpoint the improvements you need for your online store, that source would be your consumers.

Usabilla is a fast and straightforward online platform that allows you to extract valuable feedback and insights from your customers. With this tool, you can present your audience with a simple feedback form that allows them to rate their experience and leave remarks based on their firsthand experience.


Some of the best advantages of Usabilla’s forms are their simplicity, compatibility, and ability to customize their behavior. You can set properties such as when the forms will appear, what particular device is being used, and which visitors will receive the forms. It also comes with a built-in tracking tool for a quick overview of your campaign. All these features will allow you to tailor the feedback forms to the preferences of your target audience.

2. Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Elite is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that will help you with the bulk of your online marketing processes. After researching your product and target market, Shopping Cart Elite will handle virtually everything else. They will build an SEO-friendly site, optimize your pages for conversions, design a user-friendly theme, enter your product data, host your online store, and help you track and tune its performance over time – all within thirty days.

Shopping Cart Elite

As an online marketer, building a successful website is one of the core challenges that’s tough to master. You may create a ton of sites and still have no clue on what elements truly make the audience tick. Shopping Cart Elite ensures your project is handled by pros without undermining your involvement through transparency, daily reporting, and consulting.

3. Instapage

Landing pages play a crucial role in the conversion process. They feed the right information to your audience, turn visitors into subscribers, and leads into paying customers. Of course, not all landing pages are built the same. Every element such as CTAs, pictures, headlines, and keywords can affect whether your audience will convert or bounce away.

To help you build quality landing pages, you can use a platform like Instapage. With the drag-and-drop editor and a selection of preconfigured templates, you can quickly make professional-looking landing pages that match your site’s theme. Each page implements responsive design, making sure the experience remains consistent for all devices and user types.


Aside from landing pages on your site, Instapage can be integrated with other cloud-based tools for email marketing, social marketing, and CRM. Lastly, you can take advantage of the A/B testing tool to help you find the best version of your landing page for securing maximum conversions.

4. SendinBlue

Communication is critical to any online enterprise. Emails, for example, can help you keep in touch with your audience on a more personal level. However, it is easy to be seen as spammy to your customers without a strategy in place.

Take note that you need to send relevant, timely, and well-designed emails to win your audience’s trust over time as they move further down the sales funnel. Keep in mind that personalized emails have higher unique open rates (29%) and unique click rates (41%) than non-personalized ones according to Experian, so make sure that you have a strategy in place that will allow you to send emails that pack a punch.

This is one of the reasons why email is a great way to build customer loyalty and repeat sales. By sending your subscribers highly targeted emails relevant to their needs, you will be able to foster the trust that you need to turn them into repeat customers.

SendinBlue is an all-in-one marketing platform that specializes in email marketing and automation, and transactional messaging for e-commerce stores. You can easily craft beautiful emails with the drag-and-drop designer, choose from optimized email templates, manage your audience segments, and improve your campaigns with real-time reporting.

SendinBlue Automation - Workflows

Aside from emails, SendinBlue’s marketing automation solution includes a pre-made workflow builder that allows you to set up triggers based on specific actions performed by your visitor, such as signing up for an account or visiting a specific page on the site. It also features smart intuitive campaign activities to automatically retarget contacts based on their response to your emails campaigns, and more.

SendinBlue also offers custom integration to e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop, as well as Shopify via Zapier. This helps existing e-commerce sites to seamlessly integrate SendinBlue’s marketing features to their platforms.


Success in e-commerce takes resolve, knowledge, and the access to all the tools that will put your brilliant ideas into action. The tools above will help you establish a solid basis for your e-commerce store. The next step is to keep learning new trends, strategies, and platforms that will push your business further.