In just a few short years, many consumers have made the switch from using their traditional desktop to browse online to using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. A study from ComScore revealed that 60 percent of consumers browse the internet with their mobile devices, while 40 percent still use their desktop PC.

Due to this dramatic shift in the way content is consumed, it’s no wonder that many business owners want to create an alternative mobile-friendly format to support users on the go. As imagined, this format is vital for every industry ranging from regular content-driven blogs up to full-scale eCommerce websites.

Tech leaders are quickly discovering that the mobile format of their website offers a whole host of benefits for the business and consumers. We are going to take a look at some of the top reasons you should consider developing a mobile version after you create an eCommerce store.

Generate Additional Leads

Due to all of the businesses flooding the market, getting leads to sign up for your email list or purchase a product can pose a significant challenge. If you develop a responsive mobile version of your site, you can generate additional leads by creating campaigns that appeal to your desktop audience as well as the mobile crowd. Here’s an example campaign popup.


The best part about using a mobile ad campaign is you can change the layout, images, and text to appeal to your audience if they are using smartphones or tablets to view your website.

Improve the UX

Consumers are very picky when it comes to the websites they use regularly. Specifically, they are worried about whether or not a site is responsive or just mobile-friendly. Technically, a responsive website is also considered mobile-friendly, but not all sites with this feature are responsive. As a result, your customers could have a poor user experience if the site is not formatted correctly for their mobile device.

A site that is just mobile-friendly is a scaled-down version of the original website intended for a mobile audience. The problem with this design is it can be frustrating for your audience because they are going to have to use the touch screen to pinch, zoom, and expand the pages on your website. As a result, they are far more likely to leave if they have to navigate through pages of a poorly designed mobile site.

Mobile responsive websites, on the other hand, are designed from the ground up for users on the go. They are essentially a different version of the site that fits and formats neatly to most mobile devices. Fully responsive mobile website produce a clean, organized, and intuitive user experience.

Gather Customer Data for Future Campaigns

Another reason you should consider creating a mobile variant of your eCommerce store is you’ll be able to better track consumer data and behaviors. You can view gather this information directly and indirectly.

For example, if you’re using the data from your ad campaign and Google Analytics, you’ll have the option to see how far consumers get in the buying process and discover if there are ways you can improve the flow of their purchase.

The other method for obtaining customer data stems from creating mobile forms or questionnaires to get the thoughts of your prospects or customers. You can ask pointed questions to collect data about your site design, prices, and mobile layout. These questionnaires are excellent for gathering essential data about the people who visit your website. As you collect more information, you’ll be able to make changes that are highly requested, and also learn more about what your eCommerce store is doing right.


There’s a whole world of opportunity when it comes to designing smart, mobile-responsive webpages. Technology is changing rapidly, and the number of global users worldwide continue to rise year over year. If you combine the right design by using themes, plugins, and applications that are mobile-friendly, you’ll have a better shot at creating an excellent experience for your customers, regardless of the device they choose to use when accessing your website. It may seem like a daunting task, but once your eCommerce site is translated for mobile devices, you’ll find that the benefits make this decision necessary for business owners in every industry.