Apple has launched one of the biggest mobile payment initiatives in the market – otherwise known to the world at large as Apple Pay. Still, Apple Pay is not fully integrated in many e-commerce business who still have yet to fully embrace its technology.

Because of its convenient, one touch technology, customers are moving away from the world of plastic, or the “credit card model” which is still one of the more widely used modes of payments which still forces them to fill out endless forms online prior to making a purchase.

E-commerce businesses and retailers worldwide are quickly realizing the importance of integrating Apple Pay as one of their main payments for products or service in order to keep with the trends for economic growth despite the technological challenges.

Do you have an e-commerce business? Below are three reasons why you should be using Apple Pay for all your payment needs.

  1. Increasing Number of Mobile Checkouts

Approximately 70% of the U.S. population is using smartphones. And the iPhone 6 has recently brought several major changes to the device, including Apple Pay. The main trend at this point in the e-commerce growth is the one-touch mobile payment that will only continue to get stronger. Of course, this implies stronger and more integrated e-commerce platforms to support a wide variety of mobile users.

Apple Pay is a great example of online shopping made easier. However, to manage the security of credit card payments, e-commerce infrastructure and software still needs to support both forms of desktop and mobile payments despite the increasing trend of mobile payments.

2. Biometric Technology

The app is a perfect example of enhanced security where a buyer stays within the app and is not redirected to a browser and pays with the app using a fingerprint.

From a security perspective, biometric technology is one important reason why e-commerce business should embrace newer forms of mobile technologies (SCE) including Apple Pay. The NFC (Near Field Communication) chip supported by Apple Pay gives iPhone 6 users the ability to touch their phone to a card terminal similar to contactless cards.

These transactions from mobile apps can transmit card data security, but it does not put the user’s personal information at risk. The integration of Apple Pay technologies is another example of how e-commerce business model can also cater to customers’ needs without compromising on security. For example, the TouchID mobile technology has made it possible for purchases to be made simply by verifying one’s fingerprint.

3. Cross-Platform Solutions

The main challenge with Apple Pay is that it is an easy one-stop solution for iPhone 6 customers to pay both in store and digitally using credit and debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. However, not every mobile user owns an iPhone 6. With that said, as a growing e-commerce business, your global reach can scale exponentially.

It’s still too early to know which player will dominate the market. But offering Apple Pay as a form of mobile payments is one of the smartest operations when it comes to expanding your business. And this trend will continue to expand well beyond the predictions forecasted for 2017.

As you can see, Apple Pay technology is one very compelling reason why e-commerce businesses are thriving. Along with its application and software, it has become easier than ever for buyers not only to make a payment but instill a feeling of security as an iPhone6 user.