Ecommerce Hacks

With only a little over two weeks before the Holidays, it’s technically game-time for businesses and consumers. Already, some shops are out of in-demand products like toys and novelty items. Shipping companies are scrambling to fulfill orders on time. Online stores are sending discounts in droves. Yes, it’s the most stressful time of the year again.

But while these stores are experiencing the rush of last-minute shoppers, others are not so lucky. If you’re one of them, let these ecommerce hacks help you generate more buzz for your business.

Ecommerce Hacks #1: Discounts, freebies, promotions in email newsletters.

Social media might be the channel of choice for engagement – but if you want REAL clicks, try email. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers. Especially during the Holidays, people are more tuned to email than other marketing campaigns.

In one research, people were more inclined to open emails from businesses during the Holidays. This figure jumps to as much as 46 percent. The study revealed though, that increasing the number of emails did NOT boost open rates. So while sending out that weekly newsletter is a great idea, don’t drown your customers in gift certificates, either.

If you’re offering discounts and other promotions, don’t forget to include them. After all, there’s nothing like getting freebies or a 20 percent off in an email.

Ecommerce Hacks

Pro Tip:

Make this task simple by partnering with email marketing services. GetResponse for instance, can help you send customized emails perfect for re-marketing, abandoned carts, product reviews and recommendations, and more. Just choose the right app integration for the job you need.

Ecommerce Hacks #2: Flash and Holiday Super Sales.

Holidays are one of the few times a year when businesses can get the most profit from their merchandise. So if done right, flash and super sales should do the trick. These ecommerce hacks are a mainstay in every marketer’s arsenal. Along with free shipping and limited-time returns, this can make an offer super irresistible. And even more so if you’re selling rare products or services.

But why are flash sales so…effective? Two factors are at play to make this marketing tactic appealing.

The first is URGENCY. People respond well to things that trigger emotion. In the case of flash and super sales, it’s desire. If there’s only five minutes on the clock before those pair of shoes sell out, would you still think twice?

Second is EXCLUSIVITY. If there are only 20 pairs for sale for ONE hour, it could really get people riled up. After all, who knows when the next batch would be up for grabs? This creates scarcity around your merchandise.

Ecommerce Hacks

JetBlue Airways Corporation and their current flash sale on flights is a great example. With deals for each day for 12 days, they create excited anticipation among fans and consumers.

Ecommerce Hacks #3: Exclusive holiday gift sets and/or baskets.

The appeal of gift sets is that customers get everything they need in one go at a lower cost. Plus points for businesses that are crafty with packaging. Holiday gift sets or baskets actually present a couple of amazing benefits, to both the brand and the consumer:

  • You get to recommend a gift idea
  • Customers get to try other products that they might like in the future
  • You can mix bestsellers with new or less than popular items
  • Customers save on their favorite items
  • You get to add value to the shopping experience

You can create exclusive Holiday gift sets out of almost any product or service.

Ecommerce Hacks

If you own a local grocer, offer gift baskets for a Christmas Eve meal. This is convenient for last-minute shoppers who want home-cooked meals but have no time to scour aisles for meal ideas. For those who own a salon, a package set with a haircut, massage, and hair color treatment would be great for those who want to look their best for office or family get-togethers. Selling soaps, shampoos, and scented candles? Put them in a beautiful box or basket, and present them as a practical, yet thoughtful gift.


Expect shoppers until the morning before Christmas. Make sure you and your staff are ready to handle requests until the very last-minute. Combine these ecommerce hacks with unforgettable customer relations and you’d be remembered long after the Holidays are over.