A List Of eCommerce ROI, Marketing, Email, CLV, SEO, Retention and Growth Calculators

There is a number of online and excel calculators that can help you take a snapshot of your state, to set up reporting or just to let you play around with different scenarios risk-free (without losing any $0).


Email Marketing ROI Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

You can test different email campaign scenarios. Calculations are based on marketing costs and your estimated outcome.

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Email Marketing ROI Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

Find the return on investment rate for you email marketing. You can also receive a personal benchmark if you leave your contact details.

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Email Marketing ROI Calculator | excel | < 2 hours | complexity: average

It gives insights about the results of your email marketing campaigns. It’s taking into consideration the open rate, CTR, conversions, costs and the historical comparison with campaign type averages. It can save you some time generating reports by yourself!

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Cart Abandonment Email ROI Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

This one focuses its calculations on recovery emails (sent out to shopping cart abandoners). Place your AOV, visitors and orders inputs and see your ROI calculations. There are also guides for filling them out. That’s cool!

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Email Marketing ROI Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

This is a simple financial calculator which is used to determine the ROI for your email marketing campaigns.

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Marketing ROI Calculator | online excel | < 10 min | complexity: low

It measures the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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eCommerce Growth Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: average

It gives you an insight on how to maximize your revenue and grow your store.

First, you can TEST the state of your online store and check out how your KPIs perform in comparison to your industry average. PLAY around with your numbers and explore different revenue opportunities with automatic on-site personalization and email marketing. LEARN more about different email campaign and product recommendation types and how they improve your online store’s growth.

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Checkout Conversion Calculator | Online | < 20 min | complexity: average

With this calculator, you can discover the points of friction within your checkout and payment process that are causing you high abandonment rates and lost sales.

You’ll have to answer a few pre- and post-payment questions. At the end, you’ll get a Checkout conversion index and an Industry score (comparison with the competition).

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Revenue VS. Website Speed Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. 47% of consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. Calculate how your eCommerce website speed is causing revenue opportunity loses.

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Customer Retention Rate Calculator | online | < 20 min | complexity: average

It answers four key questions: what is your customer retention rate, what is the financial value of your lost customers, how much revenue can be gained from improving, what is the ROI.

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Ecommerce SEO ROI Calculator | excels | < 20 min | complexity: high

It shows the monthly growth rate you need, the total expected ROI over 12 and 24 months as well as the impact of your investment on the bottom line.

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SEO ROI calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

Determine the right SEO budget! Quickly see your breakeven number of orders and how much a new customer costs.

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SEO ROI Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

Check out if spending money on SEO improvements is a cost-effective and profitable ROI for your business . Play with the numbers to see improvements you can make.

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Small Business Customer Loyalty Value Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

Use this calculator to see how increasing customer loyalty can add profits to your company.

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Customer Loyalty Calculator | Online | < 10 min | complexity: low

Estimate what an increase in customer referrals can generate for you over a specific time period.

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Website Conversion Calculator | excels | < 10 min | complexity: low

Calculates the number of transactions and revenue based on the current website conversion rate, and compares these to those calculated using the new website conversion rate following optimization.

You’ll see the increase in transactions, revenue, and revenue per visitor resulting from the website conversion optimisation.

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Customer Lifetime Calculator | online | < 10 min | complexity: low

Take a quick snapshot of your state with CLV – the most straightforward way to calculate it is to take the revenue you earn from a customer and subtract out the money spent on acquiring and serving them.

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Understanding CLV Calculator | excels | < 10 min | complexity: low

It helps to understand Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) or Lifetime Value (LTV).

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LCV Harvard Calculator | excels | < 1 hour | complexity: high

It’s designed to let the user estimate the cost of acquiring a customer and the NPV of that customer’s business during his useful economic life. Two models are offered – a simple one that

looks at a single product and somewhat simplified assumptions, and a more complex model that allows the user to examine multiple products with distinct customer loyalty and repurchase characteristics.

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