There is a common misconception that success happens overnight; but in truth, starting your own online store is about slogging ahead, facing the ups and downs, and changing to adapt to an ever-evolving market. So how did these 7-figure eCommerce businesses push through to success? By following their own advice for eCommerce entrepreneurs!

Who better to give you the secrets to building an eCommerce empire than those who have not only walked the same path as you but have broken thresholds to become successful online stores we all want to model?

We asked eight established eCommerce entrepreneurs what their #1 piece of advice for eCommerce entrepreneurs is, to give you the quick, motivational boost you need.

1. Don’t Wait for Solutions; Go Out and Find Them

Yes, it is true that Babes and Felines store owner Ciera Rogers was able to leverage her personal brand to build a 7-figure eCommerce business, but she didn’t go into business being an expert.

successful online store owner

Instead, she fought the common entrepreneur mistake of waiting around for the answers to come to her, by researching everything. He top piece of advice is to investigate every aspect of the business because all the information you need to start, is already out there. “If you wait for the answers,” she says, “you will never get started.”

2. Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight, So Celebrate All the Small Wins

It is easy for us to look at someone successful and think it happened overnight. But the truth is, a lot of things happen on the road to finding an idea and launching a store after the idea is born – things below the surface that go unnoticed from the outside. This is something Matthew Hoffman, owner of the remarkable million-dollar eCommerce brand Bleacher Creatures knows all about.

successful online store business owner

When it comes to the most important advice, Matthew points out that 99% of successful businesses don’t become such overnight, and that everyone faces failure along the way. The secret is understanding that every day is a grind and to weather the storms, you need to celebrate your daily victories while moving forward.

He adds that there are things that will be out of control, such as factory delays and economic changes, and to survive them you need to appreciate your efforts and achievements, regardless of the outcome.

3. Forget Wholesale! Go Straight to the Customer

If there is someone who knows all about adapting to changes out of their control, that is OneKid owner Sabine. It’s their adaption to change that gave them some hindsight advice that they followed when they launched their new viral product which reached $600k in just two short years.

Founders of Onekid store

What have they learned from over 10 years in business? Forget wholesale and instead focus on B2C eCommerce business models. They learned a lot from their wholesale, and now booming eCommerce, business. Sabine and Erik advise that to be successful, you need to show up to your business every day and be present for your customers and potential shoppers.

4. Don’t Wait to Know Everything to Get Started

If you wait for the perfect time to start a new business, or until you are an expert in every aspect of eCommerce, you’ll never be ready. This is one of the biggest lessons Frank Rabinovitch learned while building his 6-figure eCommerce business that dominates its niche.

founder of impact mouthguards

His number one piece of advice for new eCommerce entrepreneurs is to break through the fear, keeping your focus on what you do know rather than on what you don’t know, and just start. He goes on to say that starting is half the job and that you will evolve and learn with every step you take.

5. Ride the Roller Coaster With Confidence

Like with any new business venture, even the most established eCommerce stores have their ups and downs. The trick, says Noli Yoga store owner Slava – the online seller who built a $3.5 million business in just three years – is to never give up!

founder of top ecommerce brand Noli Yoga

“eCommerce business is a roller coaster and there are times when things can go wrong or sales stagnate,” Slava says. “If you want to succeed, you need to believe in your product and keep moving forward.”

6. When They Zig, You Zag

Luuk Olde Bijvank and Dan Nikas are the founders of the successful online legging store that reached $5,000,000 in its first year, and they have a very important piece of advice any eCommerce entrepreneur should follow: when they zig, you should zag.

founders and revenue of gearbunch online store

What do they mean by that? When the market becomes saturated, it is important to bring something new to the table to create demand. It is something they practice as well as preach, and are always looking for new segments to dominate.

7. Stay True to Your Values and Embrace Change

If you are looking for advice from a 7-figure eCommerce store owner who stepped out of his comfort zone, then look no further than one of Glam Guru’s partners, Amir. Amir was able to build a 7-figure business in the competitive cosmetics industry, by becoming an authority in a niche he knew nothing about at the start of his business.

owner of 7-figure store

The best piece of advice he can offer eCommerce entrepreneurs is, “Always be ready to try and change if need be and never stop learning. Additionally, it’s important that as you grow, you stay true to your values and find suppliers and service partners who match these values.”

8. Products Should Speak For Themselves

Last but not least is invaluable advice from Headcrack owner Amir Elshafiy. Amir’s successful 7-figure fashion brand store is the perfect example of how keeping it simple pays off big – a philosophy that he carried over into the design of his products.

His eCommerce tip? “Design products that speak for themselves and don’t need too much explanation. Products should resonate naturally with your shoppers and speak to their lifestyle and needs.”