Mobile Friendly Website

In April, the goal of most marketing teams was to insure their company website was mobile-friendly.

One item you may have overlooked or forgotten…

Well, most companies were able to achieve this result, but one thing most sites forgot to look at was their home page/welcome page. Yes, the content may come over, but when compacted on a smaller screen, the content looks overdone, especially when people have to scroll down multiple times to read the content on their devices.

Take a closer look at websites today, especially on your smartphone. It’s amazing how simple information like a company phone number is not listed or the site may be overloaded with information that it really does not make sense to spend the time lookingfor the particular informaiton you need.

Direct people where they should go…

I think this is the stage most companies are at with their website. Right now, start with your home page and create information that you believe the majority of visitors to your site would be interested in. If people can be directed where to go when they reach your site, your chances of connecting with go up immensely.

In my case, I was able to get our company switched over in December, 2014 to a mobile-friendly design. However, it took me the next several months to realize that the information and menus that appear on mobile devices are very complex and over done. I have been working to create a simpler design with specific action information and fewer menu items.

You’ve taken the first step, now take the second step…

Getting your site mobile-friendly is not a hard task. The harder task is to make it more accessible and simple for mobile users. Don’t underestimate the power of your home page/welcome page. Make sure this page is simple, easy-to-follow and gives people further direction with respect to your site.

Consider taking your mobile site to another level, by cleaning up your home page and making the site more simple and cleaner.

Picture Source: Pixabay