Intelligent software, capable of reasoning, analyzing, deciding, executing and even predicting are emerging fast. Businesses want to laser-target their audience with precision to save expenses. Users wish for precise results. Artificial intelligence is already powering global search engines like Google. Changing the digital marketing landscape is the next big thing on AI’s list of applications. Social media networks have adopted AI to make their advertising solutions more effective. For instances, LinkedIn’s sponsored InMails and matched audiences features are being powered by AI to ensure better targeting. If you are targeting B2B audience, then you must adjust your LinkedIn strategy to take maximum advantage of AI and boost your ROI.

geralt / Pixabay

Here are 3 Ways AI will Impact Digital Marketing

#1. ‘Predicting’ the online market

Users leave crumbs of personal data when they interact online. Whether they shop, post or browse, data is collected at every step. Now, AI applications are crunching these vast numbers and learning ‘online behavior’ and ‘digital identity’ of the users.Spooky as it may sound, such intelligent engines can predict a user ‘X’s behavior, needs, patterns and possible actions. Many companies are already running AI-powered predictive analytics. Be it marketing or insights on user trends, this engine does it all. Others use such an application for prediction of possible online fraud. They promise the banks to save their millions! 2018 will see a spike in companies utilizing AI for customer profiling and trend analysis.

Quick look:

  • Data analytics enables predicting user behavior intricately
  • Social media and professionals networks will be target hotspots for such data

#2. See it and buy it!

Bombing a user with whatever he/she wants to see precisely is another beautiful application of AI. Visual search platforms like Pinterest & CamFind have already turned the tables. The whole point here is to give accurate image results from the web combined with best possible suggestions. In fact, Camfind allows you to take the colored picture of an object, and it returns all the details about it with closest search results. It promises digital marketing in shortening the ‘sales’ cycle. The idea is to leverage the motivation of the user’s interest in an item. AI can help gauge the enthusiasm of a user and ‘trigger’ the Interest/sales conversion switch at the right time.

Quick look:

  • Visual search engines return accurate image results
  • Shorter sales cycles will enable increased conversion rate
  • Leveraging the interest and motivation in an item is the crux here

#3. Spend less, advertise well!

Algorithms powering search engine results will change forever. SEO tools might become obsolete. With AI enabling personalized ads targeted to the most relevant users, digital marketing will minimize human factor & employ machine learning. Target Corporation, for example, stands out for doing so. They ‘learn’ from the data of a user and use it to sell precisely what they want. All this is delivered in a highly personalized setting. They are even famous for ‘knowing’ teen pregnancies before their parents do! Businesses will be paying for ‘result’ driven ads rather than guess works like banner placement & vague TV commercials.

Quick look:

  • Machine learning will enable precise ads targeting
  • Traditional online marketing tools like SEO will become obsolete
  • Will save cost and time for companies and users

A disruptive technology like AI is sure to change the traditions of digital marketing. Allowing for an optimum decision making, ‘predicting’ possible action by users and cutting down lengthy processes, AI will bring boosted benefits for companies as well as users.