Digital marketing is a cornerstone of any marketing strategy and with the plethora of devices taking over from TV and print media, there’s now an even bigger need to come up with a successful digital marketing strategy to get in front of people and get your brand noticed.

One of the best things about digital marketing is the fact that you can get hard data about your efforts back. You can see what is working, what isn’t and work to build up an effective campaign across the channels, whether through your website, through digital advertising, search engine optimisation or through social media.

So how can you tell if your campaign is working?

Measurements and Metrics – Use tools such as Google Analytics to see where your audience is coming from on your website. Are people engaging with your brand on social media and clicking through? How much time are they spending on your site? Keep an eye on your conversion rate too, whether that is making a sale or getting someone to sign up for a newsletter.

Social – An effective social media campaign means that your follower numbers will keep increasing. You want to do this organically, creating engaging content which makes people want to interact with your brand.

Money – Marketing does boil down to money. You need to check how much you are spending versus how much you are making. Calculate your lead to close ratio and make sure that you spend the money where it has the most effect.

Satisfaction – You can also measure your campaign in how well it does in the eyes of the audience. Why not ask them how they think you’re doing through surveys? It provides valuable feedback which can help direct further campaigns.