Video Marketing is one of the most effective strategies available for advertising. However, with each video you produce it is important that you specify that the video is from your company. As a business owner you need to own your videos. When you add a logo to video content, you can accomplish this. Here are several reasons why to add a logo to video and how it’s a crucial element for reaching your marketing goals.

Build Your Name Faster

It can take time to make your company known, but one way to speed up this process is by adding a logo to each of your videos. The more videos you post across the internet with your logo attached, the faster people will begin to recognize your company and it’s products.

Make People Remember You

When you make a marketing video you want the viewer to remember it. Also, if it is great content you want the viewer to know that what they just watched was from your company and not from someone else. You can do this by adding a well designed and unique logo to your video. Whether it be a simple logo in the beginning of the video or a flashy 3D logo at the end, if it’s catchy then people will remember that the video is from you.

Set Yourself Apart From Others

Your logo is your identity. It is what sets your company apart from others. It should accurately reflect your company values, it’s products and services. Therefore, when you choose a logo, it should stand out and be different from that of your competitors. Then, when you add it to your video, your company will be easily distinguishable from others. Once you have successfully made your company stand out from the rest, you will gain more customers and in turn increase your revenue.

Content Protection

Logo-Video Having your logo on your video is extremely important for your protection, especially in the digital realm. It is easy for others to steal your content, make it their own and republish it for their own gain. However, you can be protected from this by adding your own logo to each of your videos. This will help to safeguard your work and to ensure that it remains yours and yours alone.

Avoid Cross Branding

You may have a great logo, but if you are not using your own customized video player you take the risk of cross branding. This means that not only does the viewer see your logo when they watch your video, they also see the logo of a different company. Therefore, to ensure that it is your logo the viewer sees and not that of someone else, you should consider using a custom video player.

Maintain a Professional Appearance

Whether your video be on a social site or on your own personal website, it should look professional. If you are using a standard video player with a different company’s logo on it, you lose some of that appeal. However, when you use your own video player and add a logo to video content, the viewer will know that you are a professional company and they will be more likely to do business with you.

When you add a logo to video content, you will own your video. By doing so, you will make your company known, grow your customer base and increase your sales.

Have you placed your personalized logo on your videos yet?

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