There has been much debate over which social media platform – Vine or Instagram – brands should be using to reach their audience with video. Some say Vine, others swear by Instagram. But has this debate really actually gotten anywhere? Rather than bicker about which app is better than the other, let’s go over the best ways to use each for business.


Quick How-To Videos
The ability to quickly give a step-by-step overview makes Vine fantastic for a how-to video.

Customer Interaction
Vines are very easily to quickly create and share. Creating a custom Vine to interact with customers helps build strong brand loyalty in the form of sharable content.

Behind the Scenes
People love a look behind the scenes. Something fun happening at your office? Vine it.


Since Instagram allows for up to 15 seconds of video, it is easier for a brand to show a commercial-like video.

High-Quality Uploads
Have a high-quality video that your company has already produced (Like a movie trailer, perhaps)? You should Instagram it.

Behind the Scenes
Like Vine, Instagram video is great for a behind the scenes look into your business. Could be a stronger option if you already have a strong following on Instagram.