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If you are looking for a web application solution that can foster a more profitable online marketing capability to your website, the Amazon Web Services or AWS is gaining reputation in the industry today. There are various aspects of the Amazon Web Services that can help boost a digital marketing campaign and it is supported with case studies that have helped websites optimize its marketing stance in a competitive industry such as the digital marketing business. We have filtered some of the most promising case studies showing the amazing features and efficiency of the Amazon Web Services that positioned the AWS as one of the most reputed and credible web service providers in the market today.

Mobile solutions and social apps

Amazon Web Services

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The AWS offers its subscribers with different social and mobile applications that render to be effective as an internet based marketing solutions for business. The AWS delivers a scalable access to database, search, storage, cache and content delivery features, making it easier to run applications for better customer experience to your business website.

  • The AWS mobile and social applications have wide database and storage capabilities that allow the deployment of different apps at a faster speed.
  • It offers its users the ability to choose the programming language platform that is more convenient for them.
  • Its automatic scaling feature allows for the administration of applications that respond more efficiently and promptly according to the demands of traffic and distribution of services saving your mobile site against idle time and lost profits.
  • The AWS offers various cloud services of various infrastructures allowing the users to choose the most appropriate for their business and paying for that particular service only. This helps digital marketers save money from spending on unnecessary hardware alongside the burden of operating them.

The Ericsson Case Study

A leading mobile technology and a telecom service operator, Ericsson used the AWS cloud service called the Rightscale Cloud Management Platform (Rightscale). Because the company offers 2G, 3G and 4G technologies across various regions, it is crucial for the company to have hosting centers on these regions. It uses the Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and the Rightscale service to host its services. The company uses the JavaSE on MySQL and the company is currently enjoying the automation and global hosting features that are compatible with the Amazon Redshift that makes their services faster using the AWS hosting service.

Cloud computing web services

One of the best features of the AWS is that its highly flexible cloud computing services runs on any software allowing the users to opt for whatever cloud computing platform they choose. You can also use any content management system tool for your website without causing issues when running them on AWS. Because your website traffic is not uniform throughout the day, the AWS is capable of adjusting to its data management processing needs. There are also many cloud computing platforms resources available at your disposal and you only get to pay for those that you actually use that you find more relevant to your business market.

The AlphaSense Case Study

AlphaSense is a financial technology company that delivers search engine services for finance to help its users find appropriate search query results on financial concepts, topics, and ideas. Using semantic search, AlphaSense provides search results in an instant using the Amazon Web Services. The company is able to leverage on the AWS speedy data processing service and its search engine users can enjoy the quick search capabilities of AlphaSense for financial semantic searches. The ultimate goal of the company is to provide in-depth insights about the investment opportunities available for its clients and it indexes the documents stored in the data warehouse regularly in order to discover more and better financial concepts.

The accomplishment in using the Amazon Redshift is that despite loads of data are stored in millions of documents the retrieval of old and new data is at a quick speed. Re-indexing data that usually takes weeks to complete id cut down using the Amazon Redshift. According to the company administrators, Amazon Redshift is capable of delivering cost effective computational resources with faster and more efficient process of data retrieval without any downtime and disruption on the system operation. The highlighted benefit of the Redshift is also in terms of the cost and speed on its data processing system which only takes a couple of hours instead of weeks to load and at a cost of $80 instead of the usual $5,000 cost.

The Pinterest Case Study

Amazon Web Services

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The Pinterest also tried using the Amazon Web Services and it is able to manage its growing platform in a more cost effective process with a minimal number of employees to manage its data warehouse system. The platform is growing with about millions of users from the 50,000 users that initially enjoy pinning images on the platform. Now, with about 17 millions of users the Pinterest’s rapid growth is causing more additional data on its system and the site does not need much staff to manage the huge data collected, leaving the task to AWS in managing its social applications. The AWS can store more than 8 billion objects on the cloud at 400 terabytes. Pinterest uses the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and the Amazon Simple Storage Service for social data and application management.

The Mobli Case Study

Amazon Web Services

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Mobli is a social media platform dedicated for video and photo sharing. With about 13 million of users across the globe, the demand for a smoother, faster and more efficient processing and storage of data and management is needed. While the company is already using cloud computing for data storage, it needs bigger data storage system but it can be costly to maintain cloud data and to use physical servers. The Amazon Redshift is able to deliver a flexible, reliable and cost effective solution on data warehousing and storage. Mobli is using the Amazon Relational Database Service that provides access and control over the database in just a few clicks. The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is used in video transcoding and to aggregate feeds on Mobli’s various servers on the web with ease. The Amazon Simple Storage Service stores the company’s videos and images while the Amazon CloudFront is used for storing content from the server. Using the Amazon Web Services reduce the costs needed for maintaining the infrastructures and also serves well as a time consuming tool in processing millions of data from the servers. The AWS manages the IT work giving the users more freedom from the burden of server maintenance and data management process.

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