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People have been using visual aids to express their opinions and desires for centuries now. Human beings have the natural tendency to pay attention to visuals like graphics and illustration. However, it was not until the last few decades that the technological revolution reshaped the visual media landscape.

In today’s extremely cluttered digital environment, online marketers have no option but to use visual media to stand out from the crowd. Visuals are highly effective and you can construe their effectiveness from the fact that adding a photo URL to your tweet can increase retweets by 35 percent.

Here are the types of visual media you should use to do effective online marketing:

1. Images

Images are among the most common types of visual media being used by online marketers today. To attract maximum views and generate engagement, the images you use should be compelling enough. According to one study, contents with compelling images can generate 94 percent more views on an average than content without images.

The key to use images effectively is to create multiple and customized images for your different online platforms. For example, there is no guarantee that an image that did well on Pinterest will do well on Facebook. Moreover, different online platforms have different requirements for image dimensions. For example, if an oblong image worked well on your website, it will not necessarily do well on social media.

2. Videos

Videos are very engaging content. Internet users prefer to watch videos because they want to see what a prod

uct can do for them in real life. In simple words, they want to see real-life demonstration of products before making their buying decisions.

You can use your smartphone to make a simple behind the scene video of how your products are made and then dole it out to your followers. Or you can let your happy customers share their experiences in the form of videos with your followers.

The importance of video as a visual media can further be corroborated by the fact that 78 percent of Internet users watch videos every week, and 55 percent people watch videos every day. Major platforms like YouTube have helped videos become a huge success, and not to forget that almost all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram etc.) allow videos.

3. Infographics

Infographics did not exist until the digital revolution started to affect businesses. Today, people on the Internet want to consume valid data presented in beautiful, graphical formats. No doubt, everyone loves content that presents data about a particular topic in an appealing way. This is because we, as humans, have developed the propensity to save our time by getting straight to the point. Infographics just do that for us.

Infographics are visually attractive and present researched facts in ways that are very simple to understand. They contain valuable information and narrate stories in beautiful and straightforward manner. According to a study, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than pure text content.

If you seriously want to cut through the clutter in today’s digital world, you should integrate visual media as the most important component in your content marketing efforts. Images, videos, and infographics are just three of the most effective visual aids you can use to market your product or service.

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