A great PPC campaign is one of the best ways to acquire higher visibility and reach on search engines like Google. PPC campaigns significantly increase the chances of your visitors making a purchase. To create a successful PPC campaign, you first need to understand what doesn’t make a PPC campaign successful.

Not Having the Right Goals and KPIs

Your marketing needs to support your business goals. Your metrics should not come from arbitrary random sources; they should align with your company’s purpose. If your focus is on ROI, then every click you aim for should get you there.

If you’re an agency, it’s essential to create an alignment with you and your clients. After all, you’re not doing marketing for yourself but hopefully for numerous clients. So it would be best if you first had a deep understanding of how your goals will complement your clients’ goals.

Not Knowing Your Audience

It’s impossible to design a great PPC campaign if you don’t have a clear vision of what and who your target is. Sometimes, marketing companies spend too much time worrying about the quantitative side of things, neglecting the importance of the qualitative.

Identify key and personal elements of your target audience. If not, you’ll miss your audience’s message because you’re focusing too much on an algorithm rather than your audience’s needs.

Don’t let an algorithm make your decisions. Instead, optimize and create your ads based on the data. It’s critical to understand how to analyze and interpret the data given on Google Ads and other PPC platforms, so you can make informed decisions.

Automating Too Early

You may realize you’re automating too early whenever you try to implement a rule or a process anytime you don’t understand the purpose behind it. When you know the meaning of every action behind a PPC campaign, you can develop a more efficient plan of action.

There’s no point in automating a process if its only purpose is helping you fail faster. Before you even think of automating a strategy, you should know how it works to minimize its margin of error. And the only way of doing that is by taking the appropriate time to do it yourself first.

Not Understanding the Search Mindset

Understandably, multiple marketing companies focus on growth by volume. But sometimes, when you prioritize volume over quality, you tend to forget about your growth quality. Your PPC campaign value is attributed to your work and clients’ quality, not a larger number of clicks.

Instead of aiming for a huge number of clicks, work to get quality leads that your client has the time and ability to convert.

Not Having a Strategy

Having a strategy is the key to your success. When you identify the best strategy for your campaign, you minimize the chances of committing mistakes along the way and becoming more efficient. It won’t be perfect on the first try, but coming into the process with a game plan can make a huge difference.

All the common mistakes mentioned above can be avoided if you organize a well-researched strategy. And remember, every campaign is different. If something works once for a client, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for another.

There’s no specific formula when it comes to clients and marketing. Your flexibility and versatility to obtain different metrics and aligning them to your business and your client’s strategy is what would make all the difference in the end.