Have you noticed your organic reach on Facebook is steadily dropping off? Many solopreneurs with small budgets depend on social media to establish their credibility and reach new customers. However, with new algorithms and numerous other changes, social networks are becoming pay-to-play. If you don’t have the budget to pay, you need to look elsewhere. So what now?

One of the biggest reasons for not putting all your eggs in one basket with social media has always been – you don’t own the real estate. This means you don’t have any control over what happens to your content. What you should concentrate on is publishing high quality, relevant content on your own blog.

Not blogging? You’re missing a lot of traffic and revenue generating opportunities every day.

Blogs are actually a content management system. Blogging software, such as WordPress, allows you to begin posting your content in minutes. When you harness that ability with an RSS feed you have a powerful traffic magnet.

Here are six reasons you need to publish relevant content on your blog.

Keep in touch with your audience.

Publishing a regularly updated blog helps you keep in touch with your existing audience and/or customer base. You can publish updates, news, or opinions in your blog as well as answer questions. Since you own your blog, you are in control.

Attract new customers.

When you promote your blog, it will attract new customers. Your blog posts will become food for the search engines and will attract new visitors. If your blog answers the visitor’s questions or attracts their interest, you have just found another qualified lead.

Search Engine Optimization.

SEOSpeaking of search engines, posting new content consistently will get them to sit up and take notice. Designed correctly, every time you post a new blog article it sends a message (okay, not literally) to the search engines that says, ‘Hey, come and get it!’ You can also ‘ping’ them yourself with a program such as Pingomatic.

Reputation Management.

As a new entrepreneur, it is important to establish your reputation with potential clients. There are thousands of so-called “experts” on the web. What makes you stand out and why should they listen to you? Your blog is a prime outlet for you to share your knowledge with your audience.

Generate Leads.

On each post, you should include a CTA (call to action) this can be as simple as offering additional information via a special report download or as direct as scheduling a consultation. Your blog readers are all potential customers who already trust you. Turn those leads into sales.

Establish your presence on the internet.

If you’re setting up shop on the internet, one of the best ways is to create your own blog. In my work with new entrepreneurs, I tell them that is our first step in marketing their product or service. A well-designed, professional blog may be the first thing potential clients see. Don’t go through this process on your own. Your site needs to be professional. If you try to do it yourself, it often ends up costing you more in the long run and it’s not likely you have the background to produce a quality site.

The internet moves quickly and social media platforms are constantly changing algorithms in an attempt to better serve their users. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always meet the needs of business owners. Publishing your best content on your blog will enable you to reach your audience and provide leads right on your website. What are you waiting for?