For many businesses, the current situation is like a long dark tunnel that seems never to end. It is possible however to maneuver through to the end of that tunnel. The latest statistics show that digital marketing could be that bullet train to get you to the end of the tunnel.

Look at the Internet Usage Statistics from India

  • In the week starting March 22nd,internet usage went up 13%
  • Searches for ‘businesses near me’ saw a spike by 500%
  • There was an 80 percent rise in searches for online financial services
  • Online purchases did not drop, in fact, they increased

Google search insight reveals increased online activity is quite the opposite of what many streets would reveal. According to reports from telecoms in India, they had to optimize their infrastructure to be able to deal with the increased demand for internet service around residential areas.

Okay, but so What?

It is prudent to try and find out what this translates to in terms of business and marketing.

There may be a possibility after all that more people are online chatting or watching Netflix.

Right? Well, not exactly.

There has been a lot of streaming activity with a jump of 12% but there has also been increased search for information.

Here is What People Have Been Searching for:

  • Americans were the leaders in searching for toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and thermometers
  • India had a 58% increase in searches for pharmacies and immune boosters
  • There were increased queries for “the best”
  • News and information were also among the top searches

Interpretation: There is an obvious increase in search for information and advice. SEO has experienced a shift that digital marketers need to keep a keen eye on to capitalize on the opportunities that are currently available. The competition may be aware of what is going on and so you need to match and surpass their efforts.

On the SEO front, websites need to ensure that they are optimizing effectively. Content that includes some of the things people have been searching for should receive more attention. Extensive research on keywords needs to be done.

There is a possibility that the competition may reduce their efforts to rank for certain keywords, this is the time to double your efforts. Use known tools to spy on the competition and then structure your efforts based on information collected.

How to Use Search Statistics for SEO

  • There is a surge in demand for essential commodities like toilet paper and sanitizer among others.

Response: Ecommerce websites need to analyze what pages they have which fall under essential products and crawl them for any errors. It is also necessary to ensure the pages have up to date content which relates directly to user intent.

  • Health and wellness queries are among top searches ranging from searches for local pharmacies to information about eating healthier and living a healthy lifestyle.

Response: Display expertise and authority in this field. It is important that searchers can trust the information you share on your site regarding health. Fact check all the information on your website.

  • More people are searching for “the best” information. Searches for best movies, best recipes, best apps, and so on.

Response: Carry out more research on related keywords within your industry that include the phrase “the best” such content should be promoted on your site. It is a challenge to try and stand out from the competition as ‘the best.’

  • There’s an increased demand for news and information especially related to the current pandemic. People want to know what’s going on and what to expect.

Response: As part of link building, look for opportunities to link to reliable news sites. Carry out outreach campaigns so that your content can be quoted in news content. This demands that your content is fresh and relevant to the new searches that people are carrying out.

Added Information

Some digital marketers may have given up on their niche because it would seem obvious that demand and traffic may have dropped. Do not give up so soon without checking the statistics.

The travel industry for example still has steady traffic and no it is not from people canceling their travel plans. There has been an increase in the number of people searching for “cheap flights” some people are booking flights now because they believe they are cheap so there is still work to do in that industry. Optimize for keywords that may still be active.

Digital marketers need to remember that the actions they take are not just for ‘here and now.’ The impact will be felt even after the pandemic is over and life can return to a semblance of what it was.


There seems to be a corresponding increase between searches and conversions. Most industries that have seen an increase in search traffic have seen a marked increase in conversions. In India and the US some of the industries that have received good returns from their AdWords spend include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Restaurants
  • News and media
  • Entertainment
  • Financial services

At the same time though, there seems to be a reduction in spending on Ads. Businesses seem to be taking their foot off the pedal.

What Should This Mean for Your Business

With more conversions and click-through rates, it is time to step up your ad campaigns. It is now easier to bid for those AdWords that seemed too expensive to get.

Capitalize on your competitions slumber and take this chance to get what seemed like a high hanging fruit.

Put emphasis on the devices most of your target is using. More people may be using desktops now than mobile devices.

Keep a keen eye on the statistics and the analytic reports to know how you’re fairing.

Do not just focus on conversions, plan a campaign that will bear fruits even after the pandemic is over. Click-through rate is just as important as conversions because in the future it can turn into a conversion and repeat business.

End Thoughts

Digital marketing is a process and not an event. Do not expect to see instant transformation of your website. If you follow this guide, you will see a gradual change for the better. At the same time, never stop checking the figures to see what’s working and what may need more effort. By the time it is safe for all to come out and play, you will be way ahead of the game.