With the pace at which the virtual world is evolving around us, it is needless to say that there is an ever- increasing need for all the businesses to start using the various marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns not only ensure optimum traffic inflow towards their online businesses; rather these are also focused at bringing in more monetary benefits which, of course, is the sole motive behind taking your business online. Apart from this, bigger and more extensive customer outreach is yet another reason which makes it absolutely worth it to find a place for your business on the internet.

Now that we know the importance of traffic inflow for any website/ business, let us concentrate on how to achieve the same through social bookmarking sites. If you are not yet familiar with this term, then you must know that out of all the ways using which you can bring more traffic towards your website, social bookmarking is probably the most optimized and popular method.

What exactly is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is an innovative and comparatively new method of advertising your website. One of the perks of using social bookmarking websites is the fact that there are innumerable such websites which users can use for making people familiar with their website/ business on the internet. It is a known fact that the popularity of these social bookmarking websites is increasing with each passing day with the introduction of IoT and people are often seen browsing these sites on a regular basis.

Apart from this, the fact that users also have the option to become a part of the content creation process as well as lend a hand in popularizing it across the internet and its target audiences is what makes social bookmarking sites a favourite among people who manage their websites and businesses on the internet.

Some popular Social Bookmarking Sites: Twitter.com, Pinterest.com, LinkedIn.com, Newsvine.com, Reddit.com, Delicious.com, Scoop.it, and Slashdot.com.

How can Social Bookmarking Sites benefit your marketing campaign?

Helps in popularizing your website

First and foremost, you must be aware of the fact that real people edit as well as use these social bookmarking websites. They are the users who bring the popularity of your website/ business/ product up and down based on their likes and dislikes. In a way, they are bringing in more traffic towards your website or blog by ranking your content and links and often by also sharing your links and content across their own blogs and social media platforms. This can also be seen as a word of mouth kind of publicity where the users themselves are ranking and telling the world about any website/ business they have come across. These social bookmarking websites will advertise your links/ content/ mails across thousands of places on the internet; hence ensuring that the target audiences find their way to your website.

Brings the right targeted audience to your website, for FREE!

So we are already acquainted with the fact that social bookmarking websites can work wonders for your websites and blogs on the internet. Thousands of people can find their way towards your web space through these bookmarking sites. The simple mechanism of finding your topics and ideas interesting is what will drive them towards liking and sharing your content. Without spending even a single penny from your pocket, you will be able to sell your services and products with the help of these social bookmarking sites.

Boosts your page rank and increases the number of links

A little-known fact is that social bookmarking sites are of huge value and importance for all the major search engines on the internet. This is very evident from the page ranks of these websites and hence is also a proof of the fact that your target audience is spending a lot of time across these sites. You can undoubtedly find your target audiences across these websites provided that you are able to make your website/ blog/ business look as appealing as possible.

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