There are typically hundred and thousands of people attending conventions and trade shows, which make it a major undertaking to announce the events for each day in an effective way. With only a certain number of announcements being attainable prior to the audience losing complete interest, keeping a well informed dialogue of the itinerary is an intense task. With all of the events that occur at a convention or trade show, it can be quite difficult to keep track of such things as


  • Keynotes & presentations
  • The autograph signings
  • Any special appearances
  • The giveaways
  • The Exhibitions

By placing information or data on the upcoming events online or a mobile website, you can put a dent in the chore. However, not every member of the attending audience will have access to the Internet while on the convention floor. This makes text messaging solutions a great alternative for conventions and trade shows. It permits you to alert both exhibitors and attendees of any upcoming show announcements prior to their start. With SMS marketing at conventions and trade shows, you can also effectively keep your audience and exhibitors up to date during the proceedings of shows.

SMS marketing during these exhibitions promotes excitement along with awareness with interactive contests and polls. Some SMS marketing companies also allow you to broadcast text message directly from mobile phone without having to use any website, so you don’t need to be in front of computer to send announcements. With a remote broadcast feature, event managers can send last minute announcements directly from their cell phones.

The program even displays immense opportunities that can potentially accrue additional revenue even after a show through the sending of exhibitor sponsored messages to particular targeted demographics of subscribers. This is an outstanding tool for any event coordinator to effectively communicate with their existing customers by sending

  • Reminders
  • announcements
  • special promotions

SMS marketing for conventions and trade shows can effectively advance production all while easing the massive flow of communication that is seemingly constant on both sides. Between attendees and exhibitors, there is so much information floating around which makes this text messaging a key component to fiscal success at these events. It reduces the work as well as the general expenditures that are usually tacked on to conventions and trade shows.

Even more so, while building a database of subscribers, you can successfully generate a completely new stream of revenue. All of this can be achieved by delivering text based offers from exhibitors along with future show announcements.