I have had the privilege to interact with some of our clients who have reached the “I want a website phase” in their business. Nobody even sold them the idea. It has dawned on them that having a website and tools to measure website success is business imperative.

Business goals are what organizations set to achieve over a specific period of time while objectives describe every action that will be taken to achieve it.

A website as a core digital marketing tool has been used creatively by smart businesspeople to achieve organization goals and objectives. Some business owners are still trying to figure out how this is possible. These set of people just need a website for the prestige that comes with having a website for business.

I will highlight here some of the business goals your website can help you achieve and the objectives you need to set for your Growth Team;

Goal: Increase in Sales

If increasing sales is your goal, you can set these objectives;

  • Set up attractive and professionally designed site
  • Implement effective call to action
  • Improve on your conversion rate
  • Ensure your website is search engine friendly
  • Effective social media presence

Goal: Improve Customers Relationship

What about improving customers’ relationship, you can set these objectives;

  • Create a chat application on website
  • Start a blog
  • Create quality and valuable content; make these contents available to your customers. This content could be in the form of infographics, video, blogposts, newsletters
  • Build email lists and send your customers- potential and existing periodic newsletters
  • Attend to customers complaints promptly
  • Engage the services of your customers

Goal: Become a Market Leader

If becoming a market leader is your goal, you can set these objectives;

  • Regularly add new quality information on your website
  • Grant interview to discuss issues in your market niche
  • Establish relationship with your industry influencers
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be consistent
  • Optimize your website for search engine visibility
  • Participate in conversations relevant to your industry on selected social media platform

Goal: Sell Products Online

If moving your brick and mortar store online is your goal, you can set these objectives;

  • Build an appealing e-commerce website that is professionally designed
  • Make your values proposition bold and clear on your website
  • Implement effective call to action buttons
  • Ensure site is responsive- this allows  your e-commerce site to be accessible and aligned well on smart devices
  • Build mobile apps to stay closely connected with your customers
  • Promote site on social media and search engines

Goal: Protecting Your Online Information Assets

Setting protecting online information assets as a goal, you can look at these objectives;

  • Use an encrypted SSL protocol to transfer your website visitors’ personal information from website to database
  • Run an anti- virus check on website periodically
  • Use strong password on email accounts and other password-protected pages on website
  • Ensure your domain name is locked with your registrar
  • Do not share sensitive website information with strangers online
  • Engage security consultant to carry out vulnerability test on your website before bad guys do
  • Ensure social media accounts login details are not be shared with disgruntled employees
  • Back up frequently
  • Update the site software periodically

In conclusion, the success of your business online marketing strategies is hinged on your ability to set realistic goals and objectives, and work hard to achieve them. An appealing and aesthetically designed website is not enough, though required. Huge spending to attract more visitors to your site alone will not help.

To start with, set at least a business goal for your website, and  steps you would need to take to achieve your goal.

Did this article help you understand how your website can assist you to achieve your business goals and objectives? If yes, kindly share with an entrepreneur or business owner you believe can find it useful as well!