We have all experienced circumstances that didn’t go as planned, or, well, big fat ugly failures. These missteps are some of life’s greatest moments to learn from and grow.

When your marketing team has enlisted an information technology marketing system to help gain more business, it will probably not go 100 percent smoothly. While you may see some success, there will be other potential clients who slide out of your campaigns into oblivion.

Smart marketers don’t let those leads fizzle out without a fight!

Here’s how to take those less than stellar moments and turn them into glowing success stories down the road.

Analyze and learn from past experience. Whether your current marketing campaigns have been a raging success or just mildly productive, it’s imperative that the marketing team digs through the marketing reporting results and learns as much as they can about what works with your buyers. If your content is sparking engagement and increasing traffic, figure out ways to continue down that road of content and delivery. If the results are not meeting your information technology marketing goals, this also creates an opportunity to learn. Conduct a little research on the types of keywords and subject matter that are popular in your line of business, and share some surveys on social media to gain insight into the content your prospects would find valuable. Then, armed with this new knowledge, begin creating content geared toward covering this new information in a fresh, informative way.

Don’t give up easily! If you have attracted interest from a potential prospect, and they end up falling out of the buyer’s journey, all is not lost. Make sure you are prepared for this occurrence with a strong retargeting campaign. Your information technology marketing initiative must include a cycle that re-engages contacts who have failed to proceed down the funnel. The marketing team should create tempting content that will entice them to read, download, and share the information. A prospect who returns to your website can then be added to a new campaign and hopefully converted into a lead.

Information technology marketing is not an exact science, because it all depends on your prospect’s behaviors and needs. By putting forth the effort to analyze the marketing reports and use that information to build a dynamic retargeting campaign, you can decrease the leads that fall out of the campaign permanently.

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