Beep beep. Boop boop. All your deliveries are belong to us.


Amazon announced that as early as 2015, drones could be delivering packages to shoppers in as few as 30 minutes. No longer science fiction, robots are a growing part of our everyday lives. From the iRobot Roomba vacuum, to robots that help clean pools or mow lawns, robots are doing are chores and may eventually be providing daily deliveries.

Social media was abuzz with drone mentions and jokes amid the Amazon announcement, leaving a prime opportunity for robot retailer, RobotShop to boot up their digital marketing strategy and become the go-to place for household robotics. In this case study overview of the robot retailer, we look at their initial online presence and areas of opportunity.

RobotShop was founded in 2003 with a simple goal of “putting robotics at your service.” Their products range from do-it-yourself parts and kits for making robots to domestic-use robots for cleaning and in-home maintenance. They also sell applications to improve the functionality of currently-owned robots. Beyond their products, RobotShop advocates for robotics education through blog posts on trends and current events—all in an effort to promote “the interest and necessity of robotics use towards positive ends, allowing humanity to attain a better world.”

Here are some key steps we think will prime RobotShop for total domination of the personal robot market: and Blog

At the core of any success digital marketing strategy is a highly-polished, optimized website. A website should provide users with more than just the products and services a brand has to offer. It should be a digital representation of the brand—balancing appealing aesthetics and superior function.


While RobotShop’s website is functional, it could better highlight both the depth of information that RobotShop offers as well as highlight current offers and specialty products. With so much rich content and innovative products, a polished website will help lay the groundwork for digital marketing success.

We are huge fans of RobotShop’s blog content. From the latest news on robot technology, to tutorials on how to build your own robot, their content is one of their biggest assets. With an already solid foundation on content marketing, we think that combining on-page SEO with digital advertising could raise RobotShop to the first-name in consumer robotics.

Social Media has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Their Twitter account has nearly 6,000 followers. Users are greeted with RobotShops robot staring at them from the background image. We love their use of Twitter to promote products, and think that a few strategic campaigns could help boost their followers and elevate their brand. Strategically timed tweets surrounding newsworthy robot news, such as Amazon’s drone announcement, would also help utilize their growing Twitter following.

On Facebook, RobotShop has a growing fan base of more than 16,000 followers. We think with some social media optimization, this fan base will help serve RobotShop’s inevitable rise to the top of consumer robotics. By optimizing the page, for visuals and content, the company will help grow its base, drive leads and increase sales. Currently, RobotShop uses various images for each of their social media accounts. Their Facebook profile picture is slightly out of focused and cut off. One simple, quick way to improve their brand appearance across multiple platforms would be to be consistent in which logos are used.


We are always excited to see brands utilize YouTube. With a company selling such innovative products, we think YouTube was a great choice by RobotShop. By optimizing these videos, they can help drive their growing subscribers to the website.

Overall, RobotShop has a strong foundation for social media. With some optimization, and strategically placed online advertisements, we expect that they will see their sales skyrocket.


We believe that with a comprehensive digital strategy as innovative as their products, RobotShop can achieve their goal of being the leading-source for personal and professional robot technology.

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