Web Content In Your Language


That’s Welcome in Simplified Chinese.

I could have written that in Spanish or French but with today’s tip, you’ll be able to read anything online in your preferred language.

Recently, I conducted a few training workshops on digital marketing.

In one training session, I was requested to use English and Malay. In another workshop, the language requested was Mandarin with some English.

Most Asians and Europeans speak a few languages fluently. Being able to read in a familiar language makes it easier for your online visitors to connect with your content. Now building businesses online has cuts across geography, culture and language and we need to cater to that need.

While English is an international language, some may still prefer to read web content in a language they are more familiar with. I wanted my friends from the recent training workshops to benefit from web content written in English. I think you’d like that too.

So here are a couple of quick tips on how you can read online content in your preferred language. This makes use of Google Translate and you can find out more about the project here.

3 easy steps to reading web content in your preferred language

There are more than one way to do this so let’s start with this:

1. Install the Chrome extension for Google Translate. Once installed it would be enabled by default.

2. Visit your favorite web page and click on the Google Translate extension. This is located at the top right corner of your screen).

3. Request Google to Translate the page into the language you pick.

Here’s a quick gif showing you how this can be done. Press the back button after you’ve watched the gif to come back and read the rest of the article.


And there you have it. The entire web page translated at the click of a button.

There’s another way you can have the entire site translated and that does not require the chrome add-on. Follow the steps here.

  1. Go to Google Translate
  2. Choose your languages (the original and the translated).
  3. Key in the web address of the page you want Google to translate and press the translate button.

Google Translate web site

And you’ll have the entire web page translated into the language you choose.

Google Translate is not perfect, but it’s helpful

You will notice that the translation is not always adequate or accurate. Sometime, it may sound a little odd but hey, have fun with it. At least more people can benefit from your web content now.

And if you feel up to it, you can contribute to the translation project by suggesting improvements to Google. Many will appreciate your effort.

I find it fascinating that Google Translate has expanded to include 90 languages. It’s breaking down the language barrier and building more connections.

Online education is made possible for all people of all tribes; no matter where they reside, no matter the language they use.

The internet has put power into your hands as learner and producer.

Translating eMails

If you want to read emails in the language of your choice, you’ll need to make use of the Google Translator chrome extension.

Here’s another quick gif showing you how this can be done (remember to press the back button to read the rest of the article here).


Pretty neat huh?

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