‘Thank You’ Page Power

Optimizing Thank You Page For Better ConversionsThis seemingly simple and often missed page on a website has the power to further engage, sell products, or as the name implies, provide a personal thank you to your new customer or subscriber.

It’s the landing page that you send people to after they have either purchased a product; or, after they have confirmed their email address for your mailing list. Often individuals see an automated page provided by the service you are using which is not very personal. What you do with this page can determine the first impression your new customer or subscriber has of you. It sets the tone for how much you care about them. Unfortunately, while you are excited to know you have a new customer, your new prospect might have just landed in a no man’s land of a blank page:

Optimizing Thank You Page For Better Conversions


Those big white spaces provide a space to make your new subscriber feel warm and fuzzy. Instead, I suspect these pages make them feel unwanted and maybe even a ‘gotcha’ downer.

If you take it one step further than the automated page by planning it out and adding a unique landing page to your thank you message, you can put your best foot forward on this page. Thank you page is the starting point of building your relationship with your customer or the reader. You want to delight them and encourage them to keep track of you because of all the awesomeness you have planned for them.

I use both Aweber and Infusionsoft to build my mailing lists. Both have the ability to create auto-responders (follow up emails) that I can schedule to go out a specific number of days after the last one was sent. This then allows me to build the relationship with my readers ‘hands free.’

How does this system work?

When setting up your system, you can choose to send your new subscriber directly to your Thank you Page; or, use the automated system’s thank you and use the first follow up or confirmation email to send them to the ‘Thank You’ page.

Once they are there, guide them to what they need to do next.

If you promised them a free ebook or report, make it easy for them to get it there and link to the pdf or zip file that contains the free gift.

Make sure to encourage them to join you on the social media platforms where you are active.

Do you have a book for sale? Tell them where they can find your books on Amazon.

Want some ideas for your ‘Thank You’ page?

  • Give your reader a free gift
  • Offer them about an unexpected bonus or One Time Offer (OTO)
  • Tell them more about yourself
  • Reference one or more blog posts that might be of interest
  • Remind them to stay subscribed so that they don’t miss any important news
  • Recommend a few products or resources that will help them
  • Show them where you hang out online so that they can follow you there
  • Tell them what they can expect from you in the future

To give you an example of a ‘Thank You’ page, here is a screen shot of mine:

Optimizing Thank You Page For Better Conversions

Conversion Optimized 6 Thank You Pages

What happens when someone places an order with you?

This is a golden opportunity to reward them with a nice visual Thank You.

Take a look at how Square beautifully reminds people of what they’ve just ordered – which is a really simple thing to do but surprisingly rarely done:

Optimizing Thank You Page For Better Conversions

Did you notice anything different here? Instead of Thank You, it says Congratulations! That is a simple and innovative change that elicits a whole other feeling from the new buyer.

How can you surprise and bring a smile to your new subscriber or customer’s face?

Be different. What other mediums could you use? Video would be great here – a video of you personally thanking them, a free unannounced bonus training video, etc. What ideas can you come up with that are right for your market?

I’d love to hear how creative you are using Thank You Page Power!

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