Social media is by far one of the best means of building brand loyalty and ensuring a positive customer experience. In the past customers were largely an invisible presence who often found it hard to create engagement with a brand. However, today’s online world has flipped this idea and customers are now seen as powerful brand influencers.

The impact of this mentality shift has been considerable and has put a greater magnification on the customer experience with social media being the main form of engagement. Social media takes the element of “humanising” a brand to ensure that bad feedback is accounted for and positive reviews are illuminated as much as possible.

In today’s media savvy world businesses are able to analyse social media to target specific markets and create compelling content to build a sense of ‘community’. This ‘community’ feel then generates into brand trust and loyalty which can create an increase on ROI.

This can sometimes require a very deep financial pocket however all business can use social media to positive effect, regardless of their finances.

Local and global businesses have to approach there strategies differently due to the locality but the basic principles are exactly the same.

Apple are the perfectionists of creating brand loyalty and trust. Their in-store ‘Genius Bars’ offer a helpful offline method of gaining advice which come in form of one to one tutorials. The company’s strong sense of community is famously documented and Apple have consistently recognised this.

On a more local level, UK shoe retailers Wynsors understand that one of their main target markets are schoolchildren and parents who are looking to buy school shoes. They identified that a ‘Click & Collect’ option would suit parents in a rush so there online offerings were targeted about their market. They have even utilised their social media channels with their current road safety campaign with national charity, Brake.

This example goes to show that by pin-pointing your main market you can use social media (as well as offline channels) to build a sense of brand loyalty by offering first-class customer experience, creating content around your markets, offering rewards and offering feedback to customers.

By combining these strategies with analytics and data, businesses can use social media as a tool to help maintain customer relationships and develop a deeper understanding into consumer insight.

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