There has never been a more important time for businesses to nurture the relationships they have with their customers.

We want our customers to be advocates of our brand. But if they’re left feeling like a number, how can they be true advocates?

Email marketing provides opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of your customers needs and allows us to start an open and relevant conversation. It’s a channel that is often forgotten, thanks to good friends Instagram and Facebook. However, when used correctly, email can make what at the end of the day might be a mass-produced email, feel personal, and one to one.

Here’s 3 simple steps that can turn a mass email into a personalised campaign:

1. Dynamic first name insertion

MailChimp offers merge tags for all kinds of dynamic information. Paste a merge tag into your email campaign to add personalized or dynamic content. The list below outlines all of the tags available to you.

For more details on how to use merge tags in MailChimp, take a look at their Getting Started with Merge Tags article.

“It’s all in the name: Hi Tom, or Dear Mrs Smith”

2. Explain yourself: Why are we chatting?

By altering the content to match you customers needs/wants, your email is already connecting to them on a personal level.

“We’ve noticed you recently purchased a bottle of wine from us, did you see the matching wine glasses?”

3. Don’t end the convo too bluntly or generic: Sign off from a real person

We don’t want our customers to think they are reading an email by a robot, so it is super important to personalise your sign off with your name!

“… Chat soon, Darnelle”

Email marketing is a cost effective and simple way to build long lasting relationships with your customers. So why not give it a go?