Many companies view digital marketing as the platform of choice, in reaching vast amounts of potential customers. Their thinking is that a well thought-out, comprehensive digital plan will result in thousands, if not millions of eyes on their product or service.

This can be true.

Online marketing offers a wealth of distribution channels for any business. Social media, email marketing, and press releases are just a few ways to garner attention.

When this is combined with quality SEO link building, ad campaigns, and a reputation management strategy, extensive exposure can be guaranteed.

Maybe it is because of this ability that businesses see ‘digital’ as their highway to increased sales and large profits.

Unfortunately It isn’t…

Brand is.

Digital Marketing is a combination of online channels for your brand message. If you do not have an effective brand message, forget about it.

The website scrap yard is littered with the remains of companies who rushed to market. They wanted social media platforms before their website was even finished. Ad campaigns before they had laid the SEO foundations.

They thought digital was a goldmine, that all they needed to do was to get on as many platforms as quickly as possible. Perhaps they thought their ‘message’ would develop as their networks did?

For them it’s too late, but if your a start-up, or still struggling, think brand.

Brand is where it all starts :

  • Why are you in business?
  • Why are you different?
  • Why should I care?

Answer these questions and you are starting to develop your brand message, or maybe realising that there may not be a market for you after-all.

Make your brand the focus of everything you do, and importantly make your website the digital epitome of it.

Visitors to your website should know your brand message in seconds.

Ideally, your social media outlets should be mini-versions of your website – same images, same tag lines, same quality customer service.

An example of a business that does this exceptionally well is the British company ‘Costa Coffee’. Identical graphics across all their platforms. Matching tag lines and hash tags ; when the website appearance is updated, so are the social media banners.

This consistency breeds success.

Whichever online touchpoint customers find you, they instantly know what you are and why you exist.

They know your brand.

Once this fundamental element of any business success is addressed, then digital marketing will deliver your message much more effectively. The increased brand focus means better content that is more relevant to your audience, enhancing customer engagement.

Ad campaigns can be targeted effectively, reducing expenditure and improving conversion. Press releases will flow naturally, and have informed, enthusiastic subject matter.

The benefits are multiple – If you know your brand, you know your values – A strong identity will always outperform generic mediocrity.

Here is a good mantra for any fledgling company:

Brand is Your Business : Digital Is Distribution.

Only together can they be an efficient and positive marketing technique.


This article was originally posted at Digital Dock and has been republished with permission.