It’s might seem strange that mobile video is making such a big splash on the market these days. You’ve got flat screen televisions that are big enough to make your own drive-in movie theater, but yet people are turning to their little 4-inch mobile screens to watch videos.

So why is that? The answer is actually quite simple: accessibility. People can now watch videos on demand and around the clock. You might even catch yourself from time to time sitting in front of your enormous flat screen television, but surfing through your phone watching videos. That means there are endless opportunities for digital marketers to tap into this resource, and we are going to explain a few methods to get your started.

Pick A Tone

A mobile video is going to be your best opportunity to let your audience know who you are. So try and stay clear of just portraying your videos as a sales pitch. Present a personal, warm feeling to your videos. People aren’t necessarily watching videos to find doorbuster deals, but instead, are looking for a visual experience. That’s a great opportunity for you to let people know who you are in a fun, inviting way. You never know, if they like your video, they might get intrigued to check out your website.

Take Action

Again, as mentioned before, we’re not trying to make sales here, but we do want your viewers to take some type of action. So a call to action at the end of the video is needed. You could ask them to download a whitepaper to learn more, or point them to your website. You’re trying to create a path to something, and the video could serve as the starting point, so you need to ask yourself where you want your visitors to go next.

Real-time Giving

Not everyone is going to be able to do this, but real-time giving videos are hot right now. A perfect example of one of the most successful real-time giving video was in 2013 when WestJet Airlines gave out Christmas gifts to its customers when they were waiting for luggage in the terminal. The reactions were posted on YouTube and were instantly a hit. The videos, which had a goal of reaching 200,000 views, became one of the most viewed and shared viral ads of 2013 in the world with over 35 million views, and increased WestJet’s sales by 86%, with bookings increased by 77%. It just goes to show what happens when an audience enjoys what they are watching.

Show, don’t tell

People aren’t clicking on your videos to be told what you can offer, but instead want a visual of what your product can do. In other words, bring your business to life on screen. Show the audience why they need to do business with you. Let them feel like they are in your office. Take a tour of your building or introduce your staff.

Your viewers want to be part of the experience, so let them be a part of it.

Let’s Conclude

There’s many ways to market your business, so you’re not going to use them all. But mobile video is something to certainly look into. Consumers are carrying their smartphones on them wherever they go, every day, and a lot of that time is spent surfing the web for videos. So it’s time to start toying with some ideas and get a few videos of your business out there for these billions of smartphone users to view.

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