‘Mobile Strategy’ may almost seem like a cliché nowadays but if you are a company for which consistent positive customer engagement, high employee productivity and operational efficiency as well as efficient partner and supplier relationships are critical for business success, you will be very unwise to ignore this cliché. And if you are not one of these companies, it may be time to critically look at your business strategy.


So why is it so important to a well thought out and actionable mobile strategy? For a very simple reason – mobile devices and tablets are now almost as ubiquitous as air. If you think it’s a far-fetched comparison then consider this – close to 80% of world’s population owns a mobile device of some kind but only about 60% own a toothbrush (according to American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry & Mobile Marketing Association Asia). Majority of those mobile devices are now smartphones with real computing power that some cases even rivals that PC gathering dust in your garage. Unlike last few decades when businesses drove technological advances and could control the pace at which they made those available to their constituents; mobile is truly a people driven innovation. As Dirk Nicol of IBM points out, Mobile is very likely to have one of the most profound impacts on your business over next decade or may be even longer. It is and will continue to revolutionize how customers engage with businesses. If Mobile is not an integral part of your business strategy, you are very likely than not at a competitive disadvantage.

So where are you on the Mobile strategy continuum? Have you heard about it but didn’t think it was important for you, you have dabbled in it but not really sure if did it right or are you off and running with a solid adaptable and extensible strategy? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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