What makes mobile apps a smart choice for business? Well, it’s all about the pocket end-to-end user experience that makes it easier for businesses to engage and retain their customer interest.

While your competitors might try improving the website experience, strengthen technology infrastructure and try complimenting their service with cutting edge technologies, you can do many of these with just one mobile application.

And Mobile App Marketing Goes Beyond

Some interesting facts to consider about mobile apps include:

Digital Marketing is No Longer About Being Just Responsive

In other words, your mobile app marketing should be anything but conventional. All these above facts help us to determine one thing about the future of digital market. Everything is going to be mobile and it’s time for businesses to gear up for this. You might be wondering whether or not this would be a good option going for. I would say, very soon you will find yourself eventually going down this path and here’s why.

Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Important For Your Business

#1 – All Time Visibility

According to market statistics, Americans spend more than two hours a day on their mobile devices.

While it’s true that there are few apps out there that enjoy full-time visibility. If your app is relevant and provides a useful function to engage with your company, it will probably be used beyond the initial download.

#2 – Direct Marketing Channel

There are two things that make having a mobile app a worthwhile marketing asset. First, it gives you the chance to be with your target audience at all times

Second, providing business marketers a direct means of interaction with the customers.

With the push notification feature, marketers can now be one-step closer to ringing the door bell of a customer. Not only can they inform customers about any new arrivals, but also send them reminders about any product or service whenever it’s appropriate.

#3 – Innovative Approaches

Whether you are running a spa service or selling flowers, your existing customers will reach out to you at some point. By including a mobile app in your marketing and communication mix can make it that much easier for them.

By accessing your app, customers can find out product or service time availability without having to call.making things more convenient for them and less troublesome for you.

#4 – Customer Loyalty Value

The power of a mobile app can be a great means of building customer value, and there are many ways you can do it. For example – providing customers an opportunity to review their rewards/points via mobile app or helping customers locate a nearby retail store where they are likely to find a product they are looking for.

There are many ways to buildup a long-term customer loyalty value. And building that loyalty value will help you to find more return customers.

#5 – Respond Better

Mobile apps have made it easier for businesses to respond to their customer problems faster and more effectively.

They can keep track of rising customer demand and also access customer information.

Standing out in the crowd is one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers today. Investing in a mobile marketing tool like an app can help you overcome this problem in many ways. While this may be true there are many out there who might be confused about what features to include in their mobile app development.

Here are some tips that you would like to go through therefore –

Customize Your App Design

Some of the things that a user looks for when they download an app are – personalization, seamless navigation and hassle-free experience.

Make sure that your mobile app includes all the key customization features in order to align with the customer needs and preferences. Design your mobile app to make it engaging, interactive and to build a strong brand relationship with customers.

Simple Navigational System

A couple of vital things that you need to keep in mind are – the content and the screen size.

Make sure that the content and the design do not end up cramming up the entire mobile space. When you are designing a mobile app, make sure that you design it to ensure seamless navigation and impressive product display.

You can implement a responsive design – a solution that’s tailored to fit any screen size and resolution and helps to render an immersive experience.

Simple Registration Process

Lengthy registration processes are a big turn off when it comes to mobile apps. The rule of thumb is to make registration as simple as possible, for example – allow your customers can sign up using an email id and a mobile number.

During the time of checkout, many apps provide users with the option to save their information for future use. This is a very important feature to get people through the entire conversion funnel.

Smart Analytics

Smart analytics is an important feature that your mobile app should include, and that’s because your core objective is to generate revenue. With analytics, you can evaluate and understand your users’ behavior and their buying pattern.

There are many things that smart analytics can help you with when it comes to evaluating success. Some of these are –

  • The cost of conversion
  • The session time
  • The custom field access
  • Click-through rate
  • Leading customer behavior
  • Higher revenue streams


Mobile apps need to be both immersive and unique and contain features that will make shopping seamless and simpler. Make sure that you build your mobile app with features that will drive sales and give more revenue boost. Of course, an important thing to keep in mind, as with all business decisions, will the benefit of having the app out weigh the cost of building and maintaining the app. That all depends on your specific situation.