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Introducing Generation C, the digital generation. Generation C is the “term used to describe people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community.”

No single age group defines Gen C. Gen C is an attitude, Generation C is defined by specific characteristics. Generation C has become a powerful force in consumer culture.

Though Millennials make up 80% of Generation C and tend to be more digital driven, they aren’t the only demographic that lives on their phone. Generation C encompasses anyone between the age of 13 and 90 who are digitally driven.

The defining characteristic that sets Generation C apart from the other target groups is “connectivity.” Generation C doesn’t just “go online,” they are engaged, involved, and active while online. Generation C isn’t just consuming content, they are creating it and curating it.

Businesses need to readjust their marketing strategy. Focusing on the behaviors of Generation C will enhance marketing efforts. However, there are a few things you need to know about this Generation.

It’s All About Digital Media

This demographic moves effortlessly from laptop to tablet to smartphone, forget television or print media. They are all about digital media and they are connected every waking minute of their day. They are using several different platforms and they aren’t just consuming information. Generation C is creating, curating, and sharing information.

Gen C gets its news and information via Facebook or Twitter. They are using networks that allow them to aggregate preferences and see the information they want to see at the time they want to see it. They actively seek out the information they want, they aren’t waiting for information to find them.

All Information is Curated and Customized

Gone are the days of racing home to watch your favorite TV show, or setting the VCR or even the DVR. Generation C streams podcasts, TV shows or movies on their own time, the exact shows they want to see at the time they want to watch. The days of your ads directed at a target audience on your time are over. Effective ad campaigns are created so the audience can find you, they are looking for the information they want to see and they are finding it on their terms.

Streaming TV or scrolling through Social Media is how Gen C spends most of their time online, and most of their time is spent online. Coming at this target with ads or content based on your timeframe is probably going to be a big miss. Creating content that is available for them to view on their own time is going to be a big hit.

Skip Traditional Media if You Want to Reach Gen C

Generation C relies on content shared on Social Media to make decisions. This can include a thumbs up on an update from a friend or a trusted influencer, a positive review on Facebook, or a viral meme or GIF on Twitter. No matter the form, the content they trust most is what they deem “click worthy.”

The content provided to entice Gen C to follow your business or purchase your products must be eye-catching, useful, entertaining, and shareable. An ordinary ad isn’t going to grab the attention or interest of Generation C.

It’s time to rethink your strategy and focus some attention on Generation C. Age is no longer relevant when marketing and advertising in this new era. Content designed to “be found” is the new way of advertising. Updates that are created to engage users and go viral or at the very least be shared are more trusted than paid ads. It’s time to retool your plan.

Generation C is growing, they are no longer the minority early adopters, they are the majority adopters and their opinion matters.