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If you are a marketer I’m sure you know all about mass mailing, right? It consists in sending the very same email to your entire list, at the same time. It’s nice and easy, we all agree about that. You pick a content, a sending day and time, click the “Schedule” button and it’s done. It did work for a while, but mass mailing is not effective anymore though.

Today, brands send more emails than ever, and consumers inbox are flooded. They just can’t keep up. Some brands actually send several emails a day to every person on their database. But nobody wants and has the time to engage with so many emails. Besides, according to a recent survey run by the Digital Marketing Association, 37% of consumers say they lose trust in a brand if they receive too many emails.

So your main email marketing challenge definitely is to make your emails stand out in your recipients crowded inbox. And to do so, you need to send your emails at the right time to each recipient. No more batch-and-blast emails. If you want consumers to open your emails and click on your call-to-action buttons, you need to deliver your emails when it’s the best time for them.

Sending time is a real pain point in email marketing as it’s all about your contact list. We, marketers, tend to forget that our database isn’t full of email addresses but people. Real human beings with real habits and operating at their own pace. So there isn’t any universal best time to send because every person on every brand’s list is unique.

Now email intelligence technologies have been developed lately in order to solve this engagement problem. Instead of wondering when is the best time to send your newsletter, those technologies are actually calculating it. Their algorithms analyse each opener’s behavior in order to identify unique engagement periods.

Some of your recipient might open your emails in the morning only, while other might open all day but click only in the evening. Email intelligence technologies will detect each opener’s actions in order to get to know his habits. This will then allow you to send your emails at the best time to each recipient.

With this data-driven technology, all you have to do is schedule your campaign, and it will work its magic. Instead of delivering all your emails at the same time to your entire list, each email will be sent at a different time, based on a behavioral analysis, and will arrive in your recipients inbox when each one of them is most likely to engage with it.

Email intelligence technologies allow you to not only reach more recipients — including the dormant ones — , but also to increase your email marketing campaigns’ ROI, and your revenue. Even though timing is critical, now you can focus on creating and curating the best content for your emails, technologies will do the rest.

Source: Medium