Just like technologies we use every day in our business and take for granted – email, texting, cell phones, websites, ecommerce, SaaS – online marketing with video is following the same technology adoption cycle and will become a standard for businesses of all kinds. However, the majority of business owners and marketing departments are just starting to realize how marketing videos can drive conversion rates across every part of the marketing and sales life-cycle to drive revenue goals.

A quick search on statistics for online video will reveal plenty of research from the likes of Forrester, ComScore, Invodo, eMarketer, and more, on how video drives action from ecommerce sales to more technical products and services that have a long sales and relationship process. Even with all these amazing statistics, most new ways of marketing require change and thus are adopted by gut feeling and precedent based on their peers investing in such techniques.

When people take the first step in searching for video production companies (even when a referral is given), the most amount of conversion optimization a business can get is by using video to educate and build those important initial relationships. And lets not forget that video content will help boost SEO rankings. People look to the Internet to find answers and video provides a “Hands on approach on what is actually happening in our process and answers many questions that consumers have…” says Jeff Cohn, President of Boro Energy in Brooklyn, NY. Web video productions gives a hands-on approach answering many questions that customers have. And because many of their questions are already answered, when they do finally reach out to your business, they are a more qualified prospect.

Check out Jeff’s take on website promotional video here –

Alex Shorter, Marketing Communications Manager at Mueller Water Company, has a long sales cycle as his company sells to government municipalities. They use online video to “Help better articulate a product’s technical aspects and the benefits it provide…and does so in a way that is much more effective and appealing than that of a static brochure or technical document.”

Check out Alex explain why they continue to invest in business to business video here:

Every industry is competitive and businesses owners and corporate marketers need every tool to differentiate and prove their worth to customers to win sales. By educating and answering questions in advance, the easier it will be when you have that conversation in person. In fact, online promotional videos may even help you get that meeting. Andrew Ritschel of Electronic Office Systems in Fairfield, NJ has invested in online business video for just this reason. “People are busy” he proclaims, “…they don’t want people coming into their office. By using video…we are able to show, using pictures, why we are offering the value that competitors might not have”

Check out Andrew’s reason for video and how they intent on using it here:

Online video marketing is perfect for any business, big or small, that aims to have content that differentiates them from their competition, drive leads generation and sales goals in a cost-effective and measurable way.