Joy of Kosher is a kosher food website that is run by celebrity chef Jamie Geller. Jamie has written a series of cookbooks, publishes a monthly magazine as well as hosts an online TV series dedicated to the preparation of quick and delicious kosher food.

While the videos that she embedded on her site were receiving a lot of views and traffic, the lack of calls to action in the videos meant a low video engagement rate. Hence, this audience wern’t taking any actions that could later be monetized. Furthermore, she had such an extensive video library, the question of how best to display the videos in a manner that looked clean and professional, was easy for users to navigate and didn’t require an extensive custom coding for the site was also very important.

Subscribe to a Newsletter Directly from Video

video engagement rate One of the ways Joy of Kosher monetizes their users is by getting them to sign up for their newsletters. The subscriber base is a very targeted audience that can be very attractive for certain advertisers.By adding a Mailchimp app to their videos and setting the app to link to the call to action button, video viewers who want to consume similar content will be able to easily sign up for the newsletter without interrupting their overall viewing experience. By adding Mailchimp and other apps to their videos, Joy of Kosher was able to obtain an astronomical 41% engagement rate from their videos!

Our Mailchimp app has the added bonus of allowing users to select checkboxes to indicate which content precisely they are interested in, allowing you to further segment your list while not overwhelming your users with unwanted content. In addition, the Mailchimp app was set as post roll for videos, meaning people who watched the video till the end will immediately be offered the chance to subscribe for more content.

After creating Viewbix players for their videos, Joy of Kosher was able to embed them on their website using the Viewbix video gallery feature. Instead of having tens of video cluttering the web page, the video gallery allows you to have a “featured video” on the top of the page and thumbnails of your other videos below it. Having a video gallery is much faster to load on your webpage than multiple videos; an important factor both for SEO and user experience.

video gallery

Results of Using Viewbix

By using Viewbix, Joy of Kosher was able to get a lot more subscribers for their email lists, create a customized design for their video page and increased the video engagement rate from their viewers. All these features can easily be added to your videos and webpage with a Viewbix platinum plan.

To visit the Joy of Kosher video page click here.