Internet marketing has become essential for modern businesses, with the continual rise in search engine use especially via Mobile devices it is vital that businesses begin to explore different internet marketing avenues to attract new customers and generate leads.

One of the most effective channels for marketing your website, products and services online is via Google AdWords.

What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s own advertising service which allows site owners to appear in the Google search results when potential customers search for related “keyword Phrases”. These adverts are a paid for service and appear in the search results as a “sponsored advert”.

These paid adverts usually appear at the very top of the search results or to the right hand side of the search results, below shows an example:


Google will charge you each time your advert is clicked, how much they charge depends on which keyword was used to search for your advert. Each keyword has its own “cost per click” depending on how many other advertisers are using the same keywords.

Why you should consider using it?

Google Adwords has offers many benefits to businesses looking to reach a new audience and improve their online marketing.

  1. Measurable – One huge benefit to using Google AdWords for your advertising is that it is measurable. You can see exactly how your money is being spent, which keywords are being searched, number of click throughs (site visits). Importantly it shows you which services and products are being searched for the most, giving you the ability to streamline your marketing efforts only on what people are actively searching for.
  2. Control Over Spend – Another plus point to using Google AdWords is that you have total control over how much money you spend on your advertising. You are able to assign a “daily budget” to your campaigns meaning you can always keep track of how much you are spending. How much budget you assign will also dictate how many site visitors or advert clicks you get.
  3. Instant Results (Nearly) – If you have set you campaign up correctly and your website offering is up to scratch you should start seeing results fairly quickly. Once a campaign has been set up you can start seeing traffic hitting your website within 30 minutes (once Google have verified your adverts). Providing your site caters for what your visitor is searching for you should start receiving enquiries or selling products.
  4. Highly Targeted – The AdWords system offers a high level of flexibility with who sees your adverts, which hours they see them and on which days. You can also target specific regions, towns and cities. There is also the ability to target potential customers within any given mile radius of your physical location.
  5. You Only Pay For Results – This is where the Pay Per Click system stands apart from other marketing methods, you only pay Google when your advert is clicked. If your adverts are set up correctly and are highly relevant to your products or services then you are already receiving visits to your website from people who are looking for what you offer.

Who is it useful for?

In short, all businesses can benefit from using AdWords, if you can put aside a marketing budget then AdWords may be a great option. However, certain industries are more expensive with regards to the cost per clicks than others. The PPI claims industry, or insurance industries may be more expensive than if you are a florist for example.

If you would like to find out more about Google AdWords or for more free AdWords tips and advice please visit The Web Design Group’s blog.