In website development, every site has a similar outline.  There are pages that connect to other pages and to each other.  However, every website has pages that need more attention than others do.  These pages are on all websites, and these pages are the most important and visited pages on the site.  Learn the most important pages on your website and how to tweak it for higher views.


For visitors who type in the URL directly or use the search engine to click the top domain address, the homepage is the first thing readers see.  Users will gather a first impression based on what the homepage shows them.  Capture their attention and urge them to click by being organized.  Simplicity with a big headline, conversational information, neat navigation bar and call to action/contact us link is the best solution for best homepage results.


Also called about us, about the company or bio, the about page explains the history of the company and what the company is about.  The best about pages answers questions of curious users while convincing them to stay a while.  Provide the major answers near the beginning and be more detailed.  Be honest and direct without the fluff.  Make it sound like a conversation with the user.  Try to condense it into one page.  Provide a contact us/call to action at the end.


The blog is the area where users see the company in a different light.  Blogs can provide how-to information, advice or company news – as long as the information is relevant and original.  Users can express themselves in the comment section while companies express themselves through multimedia.  The information on the blog is clear and rich with the newest blogs on top.  Connect to your readers with an RSS feed, subscription form, free downloads or something similar.  Add a call to action link on the header, footer and/or sidebar.

Contact us

This is the area for users to seek more information.  List mailing address, phone number, fax number, email address and social media websites on this page.  Include a contact form and a map to the building.  Change the submit button to say “email now,” “chat now,” or similar action phrases.

Products/services page

This page is for businesses who sell products and services for consumers.  Most users who come here go straight to that page to see what you offer.  For people who sell products and services this page has to be accurate.  Remove products/services you no longer sell and add new product/services.  Service descriptions should be simple enough for users to understand the service.  Link this page to the shopping page so people can buy what you’re selling.  Have a call to action and customer service page in case something goes awry.