content roiIf content marketing is king, then video is its trusted knight. According to research recently featured in eMarketer, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide call out video as the type of content with the highest ROI. Video as a content strategy generates greater returns than pictures, infographics, and even whitepapers.

Though the majority of marketers see the value of video, many struggle with the details of putting together a video strategy. The pervasive perception seems to be that video is both difficult and costly to create. But it doesn’t have to be.

It all depends on how you think about video. If video is viewed as a project, a one-time effort that’s just another piece of the marketing or merchandising puzzle, things can get complicated. Creating and implementing video requires tools and expertise, including equipment and staff for shooting as well as for technical implementations, involving significant costs. The management of all this falls on an internal stakeholder. Keeping track of everything and everyone involved, from equipment to deciding what to shoot and when, is not easy. And all this is just for creating video – how will everything be managed after the initial implementation? Who will keep track of results, and what do you do when products change?

However, when video is viewed as a program, the efficiencies (and therefore reduced stress and costs for you) begin. Video is not a one-shot effort, but an investment at the core of your e-commerce strategy. To make the most of this, bring in an experienced partner to help with all the details of a solid video strategy and execution. With this train of thought, it’s more important for the stakeholder to define goals and set the overall direction than to manage day-to-day tasks, leaving plenty of time to manage and optimize results. Shifting the responsibilities from yourself to your partner grants you access to expertise and equipment from the earliest stages of production to measuring and calculating results.

Crafting and implementing video is no walk in the park, but teaming up with a specialist can certainly generate that coveted ROI with less stress and greater impact.