With 2012 come and gone, a transformation has happened in the realm of corporate web videos. From business intros to product demo videos and everything in between, web videos started going through a sort of renaissance over the last twelve months where companies have begun to learn that the scope of web videos, through creativity and innovation, is nearly endless. With the extensive scope and power of the Internet, marketers are learning that their efforts online can impact an extensive and extremely viable audience that was once untapped.

One of the best benefits of web videos that is it can extend your SEO reach. By implementing video SEO, through video sitemaps, keyword usage, and transcript posting, you can boost your search engine result 53 times. The reasoning for this is because Google, and other popular search engines, are trying to make search outcomes more ‘universal’ by including different types of media into results- with a special emphasis on video. Web videos are also pushing into some of the most coveted top result spots as to diversify searches. Many companies who have posted video on their site have to yet successfully and thoroughly apply video SEO, especially video sitemaps. This allows the business’s who do take the time and effort to utilize video SEO tactics properly the edge in search results.

Web videos also have been proven to boost site conversion. Web videos not only inform potential consumers of products and services that you offer, but they also can help convert the feeling of consumer ‘want’ into consumer ‘need’. By visually stimulating the audience with video, so they can your product or service in action you can boost the probability of consumers following through with your call to action. A study by Internet Retailer has found that 52% of consumers say that watching a products video makes them more confident in their purchase. This, coupled with Retail Touchpoints study finding that consumers who viewed a video were 174% more likely to purchase, makes web videos nearly invaluable in any company’s web marketing strategy.

Another fantastic benefit of web videos is that it makes your web traffics visits longer and more meaningful visits. Web videos not only boost site conversion, but boosts that average consumers site time about 9%. The more time a potential consumer spends on a site, the more apt they are to follow through with the call to action. Comscore has found that retail visitors who stay about 2 minutes longer on a site are actually 64% more likely to make a purchase. So by combining a web video and you already existing site, you are increasing the chances of a longer visit that can result in a higher conversion rate.

Web videos will truly find their stride this year. Being one of the fastest growing marketing tools that business big and small can implement easily, web videos can help boosts any companies Internet presence. From an Internet-savvy audience to smart devices with the ability to stream video, the market is being honed to digest and trust web videos. So take your company to the next level and get started on web video to see the results for yourself.