Vine logoVine videos can potentially provide a valuable marketing tool for your business, if you learn how to wield them effectively, because branded Vine videos are four times more likely to be shared (on Twitter) than other branded online videos. This is based on research carried out by Unruly.

As with any other successful marketing method, your Vine videos will need to evoke an emotional response from your viewers, be it laughter, awe, or something else. The reason for this is that videos that evoke emotions are more likely to have an impact on the viewer, and are more likely to make them take action, whether it’s sharing the video, buying something from the brand advertised, or finding out more about the brand – all useful actions that will impact your business positively.

The thing about Vine videos is that there is no barrier to viewing – a 15 minute interview will lose some potential viewers due to it’s length but 6 seconds – everyone has 6 seconds to spare.

So how can you figure out what sort of Vine videos you should make for your biz?

Find Out What Your Customers Like

It’s important to carry out research into the types of videos people are watching and sharing before you start filming an intricate or involved video, because there’s no point creating a video if nobody watches or shares it – that’s a waste of your most precious resource: time.

This list of the 100 most tweeted Vines will help give you a good indication of the types of videos people enjoy. The Tribeca Film #6secfilms Festival also features a number of fantastic Vine videos that are good for inspiration.

As well as this you should look at what your customers and fans as well as the wider industry you work in are talking about on social media. Followerwonk is a great tool to do this with.

The most popular videos aren’t usually branded, but can give a good picture of the wide variety of things people like to watch – you can apply sound to any of these videos by hitting the speaker icon on top left of the video when you hover your mouse:

This video of the Boston Marathon tragedy quickly went viral, because it featured a clip of the actual event, and was very quickly uploaded to give people information on what happened – perhaps faster even than a news channel could have.

This video of the REAL Harlem Shake was also popular, because it related to something people had already heard about – the Harlem Shake sensation that quickly went viral on YouTube but, according to this Vine, didn’t actually represent a true Harlem Shake. People like to learn about things they’re interested in, and so found this pop culture piece was very relevant.

This entertaining video is very clever and, more importantly, very unexpected. Which makes it an instant hit, of course, because people love to be surprised… and to then share that experience with their friends. It’s worth noting that a lot of the most popular videos involve humour or clever stop-motion shots, that are very entertaining and widely shareable. Many of the videos also tell a story, which gives viewers something to relate to. Both of these elements are worth considering when planning your Vine videos.

Decide What Sort of Video Would Best Suit Your Business

Product Demonstrations

If you create a very visual or hands-on product, such as clothing, tools, home décor, etc., you could use Vine to show product demos, such as demonstrating all the different ways your new snood design can be worn, or showing your latest kitchen blender in action. Shoe retailer Schuh has gone this route, with its simple yet effective videos of its latest shoes:

As you can see, the result is clever, shows the product in detail and, most importantly, is very easy to watch – and therefore more likely to be shared.

Sneak Peeks

Giving fans a sneak peek behind the scenes is another great way to utilise Vine, especially because it’s so easy to whip out your smartphone at any given moment and start recording if something exciting is happening behind the scenes of your business. Giving people this sneak peek makes them feel special, and therefore more enamoured with your brand – and so, once again, more likely to share. One example of this is Birmingham City FC’s video featuring an interview with Callum Reilly:

A slightly different take on this, and not so much a “sneak” peek is the 6 second movie trailer. Brevity doesn’t tarnish the effect of this trailer for the upcoming Wolverine movie – if anything it makes people want to go and hunt down the full trailer. And because it’s on Vine, it’s widely circulated (remember: four times more likely to be shared!) and more people will find out about it:


A competition is a fantastic way to engage with your audience. A competition encourages people to get involved, and rewards them for sharing your video – meaning it will spread like wildfire, and you’ll have a huge competition on your hands. Perfect! Dorito’s was one of the first brands to do this, and they did it masterfully:


A blipvert is just what you might imagine – a very short “blip” of an advert. Six seconds in length sounds about right… In essence, all of the videos above are adverts, but a really effective way of spreading brand awareness using Vine is to create an inventive video that people will want to share with others. They don’t necessarily impart any information, they simply entertain and help bring the brand in front of the public. Here are a couple of our favourite examples:

Whatever type of video you decide to make, it’s absolutely imperative that you don’t try to insert too much information. American Apparel tried this, and the results were dreadful. It’s impossible to figure out what’s going on if there’s too much in the video, and therefore no one will share it and it won’t help grow your brand at all.

Keep Making Them

Vine videos’ lifetimes aren’t particularly long, as is to be expected of something that’s part of the fast-paced world of social media – especially when the videos are so short and therefore less likely to leave a lasting impact. The way, instead, to leave a lasting impact of your brand, is not to focus on how a singular video can help with this, but to constantly push out more innovative, entertaining videos – so that your brand becomes recognised as one that creates good Vine videos, and therefore stays in people’s memories longer.

Constantly creating innovative, shareable videos and posting them on Twitter and across the other social networks you utilise – particularly those with a strong following – can quickly spread your message and leaving a lasting memory of your brand in people’s awareness.

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