These website essentials may seem simple once you understand them, but over 90% of websites don’t have these implemented in the website, and this is costing them a small fortune in lost sales and revenue.

If you aren’t happy with the number of leads or sales coming through your website, these may just be what you are missing.

  1. Enquiry/Book/Buy Now Menu, Sections and Buttons (up to 83% impulse buyers)

Your top menu (also called header menu) needs to have a call to action button (i.e. Enquire Now, Book Now or Buy Now), this makes it easier for people wanting to make a decision and contact you once they have found your website. This simple addition helps convert a visitor to a lead or buyer easily.

Research from Chase shows that 83% of Millennials and 40% of Gen X and Baby Boomers impulse buy, so if you’re missing these buttons, you are losing potential impulse buys.

  1. Call to Action Buttons and Sections (16 x Increase in sales)

By setting up sections on the pages with a button to either learn more, buy now, enquire, etc…

The right call to action buttons has shown increases of over 1,600% in sales and increases in Click Through Rates by as much as 280%

  1. Contact Details Easily Accessible (9% Increase in Sales)

These details should be easy to access, like on the top menu, because people like different means of contacting you, from making a call in the car, giving them quick to gain a direct answer, through to e-mail or a simple enquiry form.

According to Forbes, 98% of people don’t contact the website owners and contact details have the potential to increase conversions by as much as 9%.

  1. A Top Menu Which Follows You (10% increase in Conversions)

Also called a Sticky Menu, the top menu should follow you as you scroll down the page. This keeps your contact details and call to action buttons, close to the visitor and according to Clicktales, helps to do the following:

  1. Reduce the bounce rate of your website,
  2. Increase time on site, and
  3. Improve conversion rates by up to 10%

All working towards a more successful website with higher conversions and better SEO.

  1. Landing Pages for Digital Marketing (up to 100% increase in Conversions)

Find your Keyword Phrases where people are searching for your product and create specific landing pages for these phrases, gaining you 2 distinct advantages as follows:

  1. Digital Marketing Campaigns – This gives you specific pages with the right information for each campaign (whether Google or Facebook) and gains you relevancy bonuses which can save you as much as 50% on the CPC, while and improve conversion rates by more than 4% (industry average).
  2. Improved SEO and Ranking for Website – These pages will help the website to become optimized for SEO for the website, helping people to find the website for the right phrases and convert them easier.

The right landing page can have a conversion rate of 2.35% (average) to 5.31% (for the top 25% of sites), through to 11.45% (top 10% of sites). So the better the landing page set up, the higher the conversion rate into sales and the better your relevancy to the visitors, reducing Cost Per Click (CPC) and reducing Cost Per Lead (CPL).

Each of these points have their benefits and the ability to increase sales, but if your website is set up correctly and incorporates all 5 points mentioned in this document, you have the potential to increase sales by over 500% or more based on how well everything is set up.