Engagement is really another way of saying “emotional reaction”. Customer engagement, therefore, is basically how customers respond to your brand on an emotional level. The more of a positive emotional connection they feel with you, the more likely they are to become not just repeat customers but also brand ambassadors.

Many companies are already fully aware of this and actively looking for ways to increase customer engagement. The good news is that digital signage can provide a very affordable and cost-effective way to connect with your customers and draw them into your brand experience. Here, Display Technology share some tips as to how they can help.

Use digital signage to help get to know your customers

These days, you may find it something of a challenge to get a customer to agree to “take a survey”, even if you describe it as quick, but if they’ve had a positive experience with your store, they may be very open to the idea of voting in a poll on their way out of the store, especially if you can offer them at least the possibility of receiving a token of your thanks for doing so.

Keep updating your questions and you not only keep your regular customers interested, but also end up with the data you would have gathered from a survey, had you been able to persuade anyone to take it.

Use digital signage to target your marketing with laser focus

Out of all the business benefits of digital signage, possibly the single, biggest benefit is the ability to target your marketing with laser focus. The essence of effective marketing is to think about what your customers want and to think about what you want and then to look for the sweet spot where those coincide.

In many, if not most, cases, this will be very context-dependent, hence the benefit of being able to keep your digital signage reactive. For example, say a food and beverage outlet is open from early in the morning until late in the evening during the peak summer season.

The manager knows that regardless of the weather, early-morning customers want caffeinated drinks and there are certain caffeinated drinks which carry particularly high profit-margins so, of course, these are the ones the company wants to sell.

Later in the day, the in-demand drinks will depend on the weather and, again, there are particular lines the company is eager to sell as they make the best profits. Regularly updating the marketing on your digital signage can be a hugely effective way to encourage customers not just to buy what they want, but what you want them to want.

Appeal to all the senses

Digital signage is, of course, primarily a visual medium, although many digital signs are able to support audio as well. You can, however, use visual clues to trigger other senses, such as a picture of a textured object to invoke the sense of touch.

When creating your marketing material, your aim should be to make it an immersive and enriching experience, which connects with customers in multiple ways and appealing to more than one sense can really enhance a customer’s appreciation of your content.