Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses became popular in the last few years. They have the highest demand growth rates of all companies on the market. Naturally, they have to stay on top of marketing trends. So, many turn to inbound marketing to promote their software.

If you own a SaaS company, you probably heard of inbound marketing before but never had the chance to look it up. In this article, you’ll find out what it is and how you can implement it in your current strategy.

What is Inbound Marketing and Why it Matters

Inbound marketing is a form of marketing whose goal is to create awareness and attract global and local based customers through social media or content. It’s the opposite of outbound (interruption) marketing, which promotes the product via advertisements, sales, or promotions.

Your regular customers like to find your product by themselves. If you continuously show them ads, they might get upset and intentionally not buy from you. However, if you only show them the path to your shop, they will gladly go through the funnel all the way to the purchase stage. In other words, it will naturally lead them to the shipping cart instead of intimidating them.

Moreover, most of the customers that landed in your shop through inbound marketing are more likely to turn into repeat customers.

Inbound Marketing Tactics for SAAS Businesses

Do a Thorough Website Optimization

Your website is like your company’s personality. If customers like it, they will want to know it on a deeper level. Keeping a great personality is especially important for SaaS businesses, where people need a user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

In other words, you need to use inbound marketing and optimize your site to speed up the lead generation process. Thorough website optimization or SEO includes full optimization of your site along with keyword optimization and backlinks. Normally, you can’t stuff the site with keywords and links and hope for the best. It is a method that takes time and learning from your part. Make sure to include natural-sounding keywords and acquire backlinks from reputable sites.

Generate Better Content


One of the on-page SEO factors to include in the equation is generating better content. Don’t just rewrite similar texts you find online; enhance them with your own insights, market analysis, or additional information that your customers find useful.

The first rule of on-page SEO is that your content must be valuable to the reader. Given the fact that 39% of customers won’t return to your business for about 2 years after having a negative experience with your website, means you should pay detailed attention to what information you provide to your customers. If they find your info boring or unhelpful, they’ll pass on to your competitor’s site. Besides the plain text, give them infographics, videos, exhaustive how-to guides, and flowcharts.

Create Co-Marketing Campaigns

co-marketing importance

If you believe your own marketing methods run dry, try co-marketing. It’s a method of collaborating with other businesses that sell products that compliment your services or have similar marketing journey as you do. Everything is more productive and more fun when you’re doing it with someone.

For example, a co-marketing company and your company can host a webinar together or publish joint research. The leads you gather from this type of content gets shared between you two. Although it sounds simple, the key is that both parties should understand each other and make an agreement. Together, you can potentially reach a customer base that you would never have alone.

Think Outside the Usual Social Media Box

If you think of social media channels, your first thoughts are probably Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, Saas businesses should put their marketing efforts into websites such as Reddit, Spiceworks or TechDiscussion, or similar forum-type sites, where people need actionable steps to their questions.

Your answers are inbound marketing, as well. Just make sure not to come off as too pushy with your service. Only give them the answers they need. If you manage to position your SaaS company as an expert, people will trust you more and demand more answers from you.

Consider Improved Inbound Marketing for Your SaaS Business

The benefits of well-crafted inbound marketing strategies can outweigh your outbound marketing tactic. Follow our simple steps in case you’re starting your inbound marketing journey. If you still haven’t considered implementing changes to your SaaS inbound advertising, make sure to get to know more about inbound for SaaS, make a marketing analysis, and hire experts in the field to get you started.