Membership sites are a great way to share your content and create recurring income online. They form a helpful platform where customers can access exclusive information with a monthly subscription. You can also charge a one-time fee and upsell to provide access to other content.

Membership sites allow you to sell digital downloads, maintain forums, and build social communities. But it’s your members that keep the site alive and growing.

Your membership site won’t survive unless you keep bringing in customers.

Carrying out marketing activities will help you manage your churn rate and keep membership levels up.

Let’s look at how you can use digital marketing strategies to grow your memberships site.

Create a Prelaunch Strategy

Launching a new membership site can be the most opportune time to attract a large number of members. A website launch can ignite the feeling of excitement and anticipation. You can leverage such emotions to get more attention and draw people to your site.

Create content that features your website launch several weeks in advance. You can build a buzz on social media and send email blasts to let users know about the launch.

You can also kick-off the launch by offering limited-time discounts. You’ll be leveraging the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and create a sense of urgency. These feelings can generate more conversions for your site as people will take advantage of the discount.

A limited-time offer can boost conversions

Taking a great offer can build on a person’s self-esteem as they will feel pleased to have gained a good deal.

Another way is to promote your membership site is to create giveaway contests. They are fun as they build excitement. People have nothing to lose but stand to gain an award, such as access to your membership site.

You can leverage giveaway contests to create awareness, boost social media engagement, and site traffic.

These are a few ways to leverage the launch of your site to get more members. Let’s look at other digital marketing strategies you can use.

Hold Webinars

Webinars are online seminars that allow you to connect with a larger audience to promote your membership site. You can create a live visual presentation where you give people valuable information. Offer information that convinces people that they can find more exclusive content on your site.

Webinars allow you to connect with your audience. You can answer questions on the spot and offer a compelling discount to anyone who signs up from the webinar. Creating a webinar is also useful for building an email list.

Post on Social Media

It’s important that you prepare a content calendar with a clear plan for the type of content you’re going to share. Having a content calendar ensures that you never have a day where you haven’t posted content. You’ll also be on track to create special content that leverages major holidays and events.

Vary your content formats so that you offer different types of engaging content to users. Videos create the most engagement of all content types.

You can use the Stories feature available on several platforms to create short videos. Because stories only last for 24 hours, it can build a sense of urgency.

You can increase your posts’ engagement level by adding hashtags and polls to make it more interactive.


Your website launch, contests, and offers can be valuable content for other non-competing sites. You can find social media influencers in your field and get your content shared on their pages.

You can also work with prominent bloggers in your space. Create special discounts for their readers and you can win to win them over and join your site.

Build Social Proof

One of the key reasons people are reluctant to join memberships sites is because they feel uncertainty. You can ease their feelings of risk by adding social proof on your site.

Do this by asking for testimonials from clients. Also, look at online reviews and user-generated content and showcase them. Sharing such content builds social proof, creates trust and increases your membership rate.

Create an Affiliate Marketing Strategy

An affiliate marketing strategy is an effective way to market your site.

You’ll get a number of people creating content and promoting your membership site. They benefit by earning an income from the sales they generate. This benefits multiple parties and serves to get good content to customers willing to pay for it.

Creating an affiliate program can increase membership rates

Multiply Your Membership Site Growth With Digital Marketing

Your membership site can form the foundation of a successful online business.

However, you need to use good marketing strategies to get members. You can follow the suggestions given here to bring attention to your site. You’ll benefit by earning an online income. Your members will also get value from exclusive content.