How to Create A QR Code

If you are a business owner interested in creating more business and more buzz for your place, text message marketing is one of the absolute best ways to spread the word quickly. And, with the help of a QR code reaching more of those people whom are interested in your offerings is simple and easy.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a special code standing for Quick Response. They are used to take information from your media nad send it to a cell phone. You can see these codes featured inside of magazines, on web pages and even clothing items to name a few. Once it is scanned by a smartphone the code provides relevant information on your business. The codes have multiple uses and can be used to offer customers a freebie, to promote a new product or song or even for a coupon.

QR codes can store a considerable amount more data than other forms of marketing and also contain URL links and geo coordinates. It is so popular because it is easy, taking literally just one minute of time to take.

How to Create a QR Code

Creating a QR code is just as simple as understanding the codes. It is a good idea to jump on the bandwagon and utilize QR codes for marketing of your business, and since it is so easy to do, there is no reason to delay this process.

The first step in creating the code is to determine the purpose of the code.  You can use your code to get the word out for a new business web page or for any other reason that you see necessary, such as those listed above. A QR code can even be used to help increase your Facebook likes and many other endless possibilities. The main purpose is to make it easy for people to view the page and information you want them to see. You should be very mindful that whatever page you direct your viewers to, this will be the goal you are hoping to accomplish. So, if it is gaining a like, your QR code should direct users to this.

The next step  after you determine your purpose is to open one web page where you want the QR code to direct your potential viewers. You will later copy and paste the URL of this page, so leave it open. The third steps requires you to open a search engine in another window.

You will need to search for ‘QR Code Generator’. Many options will pull up, pick the one that you feel most comfortable using. Most offer this service for free. There are many options for customizing your QR Code, be sure to familiarize yourself with them. Step 4, Click on the QR code generator and follow the directions. You already have your link opened up, so when the time comes, you can copy and paste it into the generator.

So, there you have it…You can see that creating a QR code is so easy to do and something that is well worth your time. Do not delay getting the word out there about your business and utilize the new way of marketing with QR codes.

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