I have finally done it! I built the ultimate marketing monster! I want to break down the different pieces of professionals I used to create this! By understanding what a marketing monster is made of, you can mold yourself into one!


Marketing relies on understanding human emotion, and the power of perception. By being knowledgeable about psychology, you can ensure that your audience will see, feel, and do what your overall objective is. If you don’t, however, there can be many misinterpretations intensifying the trial and error process of your marketing efforts. Understanding human behavior will become your savior.


The modern marketer can access more data than in the history of the industry. Metrics and analytics provide critical insight on what’s working, and what’s not working. A scientific approach makes sure you don’t let your emotions get involved in your strategy. You will also save THOUSANDS to MILLIONS of dollars on ad spend. Always test before you invest.


We as a species have always had an intimate relationship with storytelling. A well-crafted story either through words, and or visuals with makes a visceral experience for an audience. This gives balance to the logical scientist’s role. It also makes engagement increase for an extended period of time with your content. People naturally want to reach conclusions to stories. Take your audience on a magical journey through an interesting story.


By actively managing these roles you can ensure that you’re becoming a marketing monster! There will be no weak point in your approach. You’ll be able to connect with your audience staying on objective, knowing what efforts are working best, and cultivate an emotional relationship!

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