Let’s say you have five SEO keywords, and you’re ranking on the first page with a couple articles and a couple pages within your website.

Whatever URL’s are ranking best for your targeted keywords should be optimized with landing page optimization strategies.

Why do you think that our article52 Instagram Tips,” which ranks in the first position for the search term “Instagram strategies,” features a signup CTA so prominently at the top of the page. Or why we’ve added a 30% scroll popup, prompting a free trial, to the page?

Why do you think our landing pagePinterest Contest,” which ranks in the sixth position for the search term “Pinterest Contest,” doesn’t just send people to our homepage?

<div-class=”yellow-box”>One of our developers used Google’s “Custom Search” API tool to quickly and easily create a search tool which shows us where our domain is currently ranking for different target keywords. To see their walkthrough for creating a custom search engine (where you can choose what sites it delivers results from), click here>. If you’re interested in seeing how we did it ourselves, let me know in the comment section and I’ll see what we can put together.