Black Friday, Christmas and the Holidays are coming nearer. It’s the gift season, bringing a challenge for the businesses to grab the attention of the maximum targeted customers, as there are reports of 15.5% eCommerce growth. For e-store owners, Magento gift wrap could be a pleasant add-on to boost their sales. Retailers can’t ignore the significance of social media when it’s about winning over the customers, improving brand awareness, and expanding brand reach, particularly for this holiday season.

Here are given 10 ways to take social media strategy to a whole new level.

1. Social Media: Consider It A Coat!

Stop dealing social media separately, instead consider it as a coat to support all other marketing activities. Integrate it into every other single activity. Use in email marketing, asking the subscribers to share your message. Put social sharing buttons on product pages. Present unique content on main website that is share-able with a link to your e-store.

2. Create Unique And Appealing Holidays Themes For Social Media

Stunning themes appeal to the prospects as well as the existing customers. So, adorn your social media pages with holiday-specific themes. Use any photo-editing tool or ask your graphic designer to show the creativity.

3. Use Visuals In The Content

Visuals appeal so use them effectively in the holiday-specific content. Use a graphic not just in social posts, but in blog posts as well so that those could be made share-worthy.

4. Make Use Of Pinterest

Pinterest is the choice of most of the people to get holiday or event shopping ideas. So, use this platform to inspire the targeted audience. Put creative holiday themes on your product pages and add Pin It button to them.

5. Run Contests To Engage Audience

The best use of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram this holiday season is running a contest to win over customers. Come up with unique ideas and offer the audience fun-filled time spending.

6. Personalize The Greetings

Don’t forget the loyal customers this Holiday season. Send them personalize greetings, which will show your care and association with them. Tell them about any event-specific discounts on gifts whatever is in your stock.

Use Instagram video on Facebook, direct messages to customers on Twitter, Hangout with loyal customers on Google. Send app-created e-cards to your customers/friends on Facebook. Don’t forget to miss the personal touch in all these efforts because that’s the only ingredient to please your prospects and help increasing the sales.

7. Write For Your Customers, Not For Your Products

When it comes to writing content for your own blog or for Facebook, think about the customers. What topics could be of their interest during the Holiday season? Pick creative decoration ideas, stress-busters, travel guides, inspirational quotes, and anything that could appeal to your visitors or customers.

8. Use Paid Social Media Advertising

Other than using the organic advertising, use paid campaigns as well. Consider the time and cost factors while planning about the paid campaigns. Reach more targeted audience with these paid campaigns.

9. Use Customers’ Influence To Get Referrals

Most of the online purchases are made based on referrals because of the trust factor involved. So, use customers’ influence to get more sales. Ask them to share the word within their circle and see how things change in your favor.

10. Get Engaged In Charitable Activities

People feel more humanitarian during the holiday season. When it comes to giving, it’s not just about family or friends, but the deserving and deprived communities as well. If you support a charitable cause, for sure, people will get attracted to your business, helping your sales volume. Another advantage of this strategy would be the goodwill between you and the customers not limited to this holiday season, but to grow in future. It’s, no doubt, a long-term investment for your business.

How do you think about these ideas to explore the full potential of social media during this holiday season? Your eCommerce website could be a big hit provided you are focusing each aspect of social media utilization in your best business interests. Other than using social media, also make your e-store user friendly. Use Magento gift wrap add-on to facilitate users in shopping as they do in physical setup. It’s another tip to help increasing your e-sales.

Share your opinion and help other eCommerce business owners!

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